Saturday, May 20, 2006

My First Blog Here

Hello, this is my first blog by myself. Not only do I do acting, but I write, published under horror, scifi and fantasy, along with erotic paranormal romance under the pen name, Sapphire Phelan. I also have another blog that I am part of; for the Chippewa Publishing romance authors: I post there under Sapphire Phelan. So please, do check that one out, too, and view what my fellow Chippewa authors and I post.
For this first post I really don't have much to say. I do ask that you check out my website at where I try to keep update what I have out in publications or in the acting world. I will of course, publish here on anything coming out.

I will talk about a chapbook of mine that is out, Beyond the Four Walls by Naked Snake Press ( ). It is out currently for sale at ( )and also at Project Pulp . The link for Project Pulp is here:
( )
Anyway, it is four ghost stories, more in the vein of the traditional ones. My blurb for it says it all: In this chapbook of four ghostly tales, ghosts haunt more than houses, and aren’t always bound by four walls as proven by the four stories in Beyond the Four Walls. In “Spectre Dreams and Visitations”, Sherry buys an old book of ghost stories at a yard sale for some good reading and finds that it results in something far more than she can handle or even wants. And haunting proves to be a dusty business for one reporter staying the last night of a reputedly haunted movie theater before its demolition in “Gray Dust.” “Hard Drive Haunting” reveals to a young woman that surfing the Internet does even more terrifying damage to her life than a computer virus to her computer. And in the last ghostly tale, “Call in the Night”, a woman finds that the call she’s been receiving each night is definitely more than a wrong number.
The publisher has gotten another printer and the chapbook will also soon be up for sale at Shocklines.Com, too. So keep an eye on my website and here, when it is there, I'll let everyone know.
Gotta go. It's actually a nice, sunny day today and I noticed some yard sales when I came back from exercising at Curves (a great place for women to exercise by the way) and since I did finished technically (okay, want to do one more reediting job on it) my erotic fantasy, "SoulmSeduction" this week I feel I can take off and muck around. And there's a themed party my husband, Bill and I are attending--nautical and pirate themed--got to find the vest I wear with my pirate costume.
Take care, everyone have a super Saturday, and I'll be blogging here soon.
Pamela K. Kinney
akak Sapphire Phelan, too.

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