Monday, May 28, 2007

Have a Super Memorial Day

Hope all are having a great Memorial Day and in fact, had a super weekend too. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 8PM Thursday, Friday, I took my husband out for his birthday at Galaxy Diner in Carytown and let him pick the book he wanted at Creatures and Crooks BookShoppe and on Saturday, we visited and ate at Picadilly's where son works, and just mainly chilled out at home, maybe painting on house trim on Sunday and today. Husband goes back to work tomorrow so I'll back to working on some ms. Take care and have a good day. And remember those who gave their lives for their country and for those who serve it and are still alive.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can Preorder Haunted Richmond, Virginia Now from Schiffer

You can now preorder Haunted Richmond, Virginia from Schiffer Books . The books should arrive from the printer in China June 13th, and orders will be filled and sent off soon as the truck arrives. Here is where you can preorder: Schiffer Books/Haunted Richmond, Virginia . I'm really excited about this. Besides the stories and all, there's photographs of some of the places.

And here's a bonus--for the first ten who preorder this book and send me the proof at I'll send you a Haunted Richmond signed bookmark in the mail, so send me proof and your snail mail address.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Coming--Haunted Richmond, Virginia--Book Tour Too

Coming soon to Schiffer ; Haunted Richmond, Virginia. You'll be able to order it through the publisher, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders and your local independent bookseller.

Blurb: Richmond, Virginia is chock full of ghosts and haunted places. This city names Edgar Allan Poe as its native son, and it is rich in ghostly lore, legends, and tales. Take a tour and be prepared to be taken to a Richmond that most mortals never see!

Coming soon will be a virtual book tour of this book and its author, Pamela K. Kinney.

So far, stops on tour:

July 6, 2007 Christine Norris

If you like host my book tour on your blog, email me at , and put "haunted richmond Book Tour" in subject line. And if you like to set up a book tour on my blog, by an article, an interview or a review of your book (I do reviews for and reviewed on this blog before) contact me too. Already Christine Norris has set up a book tour on my blog July 13, 2007, so do stop by that day and check it out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Got Advanced Copy of Haunted Richmond, Virginia and More Good News

Well, there it is. the front cover for Haunted Richmond, Virginia, my nonfiction true paranormal happenings plus also legends of the city and its surrounding counties. I just got the advanced copy today by UPS, along with a splendid bottle of white wine from my publisher too. The books is estimated to be at Schiffer Books in 4 to 6 weeks. That means when I say it's out for sure here, or at my MySpace or on my website, not only from the publisher, you can order it at Barnes and Noble, Borders, all the bookstores, especially the major chains. I plan to try and make sure all the bookstore chains plus indie bookstores in Richmond and surrounding counties carry it. And I hope to get some to have at my signing at the Hanover Book Festival in Hanover, Virginia, Saturday, August 4th. Also the publisher, along with me and another Schiffer author will be at Dragoncon down in Atlanta, so we should have some books there you can get from us.

Another good piece of news: the horror anthology, The Parasitorium: Parasitic Sands that my Lovecraftian story, "Dark Eyes" is in, got some good news. The publisher got an email from HWA Stoker Awards Committee Verifier about taking a suggeston for nomation of Parasitic Sands in anthology part of the Bram Stokers Awards. How cool is that?