Monday, December 04, 2006

Review of Colors of the Night by Adriana Kraft-Adult in Nature--Only 18 and Above to Read

Colors of the Night by Adriana Kraft seduces the reader into a tale about a couple whose marriage is floundering on the rocks. Sex is no longer there, not like it used to be, and even a camping trip to their favorite north wood lake isn’t working. It seemed to Jamie Hazelton, that Ryan and she were headed in different directions. That is, until the goddess of love, Aria, shows up, and begins to show them that they have forgotten how to love. Living with them, she takes them on a sensual kaleidoscope of sense and sexual awakening, teaching them to try things they would never dream of doing, and most of all, teaching them to love each other again.
Adriana Kraft pulls you into this couple’s lives and makes you feel for them, cheering them on to save their marriage. At first, you may think the storyline is like a clinical approach to sex, that Aria seems more like a sex therapist than the goddess of love, but it’s more than that. The author writes a great romance, with hot, erotic sex that will have you fanning yourself with lust. And before we go on, if you don’t like a romance tale where it’s a threesome in sexual play, with times it being between the two women, than this is not for you. But Adriana does the threesome angle well.
If you’re interested you can get the e-book at Silks Vault Publishing, at
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I give this e-book 4 DRAGONS.

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