Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Review of The Mist

I saw The Mist on Wednesday, November 21st, with my husband and our son. My son and I had both read the novella years ago—as Chris has the anthology of Stephen King's it’s in.
Surprisingly, my husband likes King's movies and yet, claims to not like much horror. He enjoyed this film, along with our son and me— until the end. I won't spoil it for you and tell you the end though.
It starts with an electrical storm one night and the next morning, David Drayton played by Thomas Jane, wakes up and finds a tree has busted through a window in the room he uses to paint potential movie posters. The tree has destroyed the newest painting he had just finished then night before and with no way to save it, he must go into town to pick up more supplies. Taking his young son with him, his wife remains behind to clean up some of the mess.
Collecting a neighbor, they head into town and the town's supermarket. The electricity is off in the store and people are filling up the place, crazily buying groceries and supplies. Suddenly, a man rushes into the place, shouting about things in the mist that took his friend. And when the others, including David, move over to the glass windows at the front of the supermarket and peer out, they see a mist encroaching on the area, covering buildings, the street, and moving vehicles and people. Screams and crashes come from inside the mist. The terror begins.
Not daring to go outside--not after seeing others disappear and later, monsters appear, the people begin to do what people do: become monsters themselves. You have the religious crazy who preaches that it is the end of days, and that those who are truly good, will survive from Hell’s dominions. You have three military men, and we discover that the mist may be the military's fault. As things spin out of control and with the terrible things getting inside the store sometimes and feasting on the humans, you get what Stephen King does best--making us all wonder what is the real horror—outside with the mist, or inside with humanity?

I give The Mist, 4 Dragons.

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