Sunday, August 31, 2008

Haunted Natural Bridge, Virginia

These are not all the pictures I took when we went to Natural Bridge, Virginia on August 28th. I got plenty photos of the Caverns, Natural Bridge and the walk after, the Monster Museum, Dino Land, and Foamhedge too. Black and white for the book I am working on now for Schiffer Publishing, and colored ones for myself. If you look you can see the picture with the weird effect of fog over Afton Mountain on I-64 by Charlottesville. Next one down is Natural Bridge in all its glory. the last four have orbs in them. The first one was taken in our room and there is a tiny orb on the wall above my husband that you can't see much here, but when I enlarged the photo I can say it's definitely an orb. The second one was taken in the caverns, as our tour was heading back up to the surface. Natural Bridge Caverns is the deepest caverns in Virginia. The last two were taken in a reproduction of a Monacan Indian living quarters. They had a fire going and one photo has a tiny orb, while the other has a very large one. Why in there and no where else in the Natural Bridge attraction, I have no idea why.

Also that night, from 2:30AM to 6AM our room became haunted. Why, I don't know, as Room 109 at the Natural Bridge Hotel is not one of the "haunted" rooms. Those are the Red Fox Lounge and beneath that, the office and other rooms on first floor. But starting at 2:30AM I was woken up and heard sounds as if someone was picking up things, then someone whispering by my side of the bed (sounded feminine) and last, someone blew cold air on my right ear. After things quieted down and I couldn't get back to sleep, so at 6AM I got up and went to the bathroom. In there I heard through the wall from the room next to us, someone turned the faucets on their sink in that bathrrom, plus afterwards, the shower coming on. I assumed that I was wrong and that it was not empty. But I found out as we left our room at 8AM to get breakfast in the hotel's Colonial Dining Room that the room was empty, the beds still made and no one in it!

Pretty freaky, right?


ghostposts said...

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Anthology Authors said...

These are beautiful photos, Pamela. Yes, that is creepy. Why would they haunt your room? Well, they know you are open to ghosts. LOL Ghosts find people like that and let their presence be known. said...

I too stayed in Natural bridge but in one of the cottages on the hill (next to the cemetery) I had doors bathroom and closet... jiggling for awhile and then a small girl's voice sang next to me a melody not familiar to our time. she eventually faded away and I did not look to see if I could see her when she sang... chicken me I know. I emailed the hotel but they did not respond to it. she did not frighten me though,, just sad for her.