Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reading is Still the Cheapest Entertainment

As the news reports more and more, the economy is worsening.

People are fearful that their jobs may be the next to go. Christmas spending at the stores wasn’t what the businesses were hoping for.

And yet, I feel that books are the cheapest entertainment someone can buy. Whether mass or trade paperback, or eBooks, a book, print or on an ereader, can be read anywhere. In your home, snug and warm during the winter, summer at the beach, at the doctor’s office (hey, a lot of those magazines at the doctor’s are sometimes a year old), and when you’re the passenger in the car, keeping you busy from the long drive.

There’s something about a book that can bring comfort. You can travel without ever leaving home. Visit other countries, and even more exciting, other planets and dimensions. Fight monsters, fall in love with one, do undercover work, fly a plane or do a paranormal investigation. Learn facets of history you never learned in class

or learn how to do something you never done before.

Since cavemen huddled around a campfire and the village shaman told tales of gods and monsters, books have been with us through thick and thin. Magic lies between their pages.

And so I say, reading is one of the cheapest entertainment. Maybe with the economy and things too expensive to buy or do, there will be those who haven’t read much coming back to the fold, discovering a writer’s talent for bringing forth words and their own imagination is still and always will be, the best entertainment.

Read a book today and let loose your imagination.

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