Friday, September 10, 2010

Four Questions Friday

Four Questions Friday asks about birthdays, since mine is tomorrow.

1. What is your opinion on birthdays?

2. How do you celebrate yours normally?

3. What was your most favorite gift you ever received?

4. What would be the coolest way to celebrate a birthday?


Phyllis said...

1) The older I get, the less I want one.

2) I don't.

3) The gorgeous card my husband gave me.

4) Ignore it completely and pretend it doesn't exist ( especially if it's your 65th, which is upcoming for me. )

Happy Birthday to you, Pam; many happy returns. :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

My opinion? Birthdays are fine--for other people.

I celebrate the holiday that surrounds my birthday.

Hmmm. The year I got a bicycle was pretty exciting. More recently, a pewter unicorn statuette. But I pretty much appreciate anything I get.

Hot air ballooning? (I know someone who did that.)