Thursday, July 28, 2011

Supernatural Friday: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator:Interviewing Carol Smith, Head of Richmond Paranormal Society

1.) -Please tell us why when you first had your first paranormal experience?
It was at a radio station I was working at in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania back in the 70’s. My shift was midnight to six a.m. A newsman had reportedly hung himself in one of the studios. I saw a man bending over the receptionist’s desk one minute as I headed into one of the studios. I stopped and backed up to look again, but he had vanished.

2.) – What started you doing investigations?
I’ve been always interested in the paranormal, but it used to scare me. In the past few years, I started watching shows like Ghost Hunters and realized spirits are people. They’re the energy we all have. They just don’t have bodies anymore. I wanted to communicate, help, and validate their existence.

3.) – When it appeared Richmond Paranormal Society had no one to lead the group what made you decided to take it over?
I didn’t want RPS to fall by the wayside. We have good people in our group and when Greg got too busy, he asked me if I would be interested in becoming the organizer.

4.) – What is the most rewarding thing about paranormal investigating?
I really enjoy working with team members when we do an investigation. It’s fun to show the others any new equipment you may have just gotten. It’s also great when we demonstrate how to work a piece of equipment that’s unfamiliar to a team member. I like learning from each other. Plus, it’s exciting when a spirit person leaves some EVPs on your recorder or “poses” for a photo.

5.)—Do you read books on the paranormal?
Yes, doesn’t everyone? :->

6.)—Among the books on the paranormal you have read, name a favorite one?
Wow, there’s so many it’s really tough to name one favorite. But, generally, I read books about haunted places in Virginia, the US, and Europe.

7.)—Besides these kinds of books, do you watch any of the paranormal TV shows (not just the investigator ones, but any of the others too)? Which one is your favorite?
I like Celebrity Ghost Stories. Actually, I’ll watch just about any show that has a paranormal theme.

8.) – Have you ever thought about writing a book on the paranormal?
Yes, but so far I haven’t attempted it.

9.) – Besides ghosts, are you interested in cryptos (Bigfoot, sea serpents, lake monsters, extinct animals…) and UFOs?
I’m not so much into crypto zoology. But, I’m very interested in UFO’s. I believe there is other intelligent life in the universe besides us. How could we be the only ones?

10.) - Please tell us about yourself (family, hobbies, education, etc.).
I’m married and my husband is one of RPS’s staunchest skeptics :-> We have six furry felines (all rescues). I love reading—biographies, books on medieval England, Magick, first person accounts (like diaries of soldiers) and of course paranormal topics. I went to VCU and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work.

11.) - Tell where people can find the Richmond Paranormal Society?
Here is the link to our site: . You can look at our Pages tab without joining. But anyone should feel free to join. You don’t have to go on investigations. Everyone is welcome: Believers and skeptics.

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