Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Join Haunt Jaunts' Blogiversary This Weekend: Submit Fiction Story Or Travel Piece for Writing Contest

Author P.W. Creighton (Nightfall) and I will be judges of the writing

contest portion for this cool Blogiversary party on Haunt Jaunts
blog this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Come have fun, there'll be goodies,
and more. Plus submit a writing piece: open to two categories: fiction
(any genre) and travel. There will be a $5 entry fee, with all entry fees
being donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation. There will be
two winners, one in each category (fiction and travel). They will each
receive a $25 gift Amazon.com card, and the winning pieces will be
published on HJ.
There's also a calendar: Are you a jaunter who likes taking pictures of
haunted places? Want to share your images with others and have it seen in
a calendar?
Haunt Jaunts is going to look for pictures to include in its first calendar.
These calendars will be for sale, however $5 from each one will be
donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation, a cause near and
dear to Haunt Jaunts’ heart. (Literally. H. J. had a tumor grow just
over my heart. Thanks to research strides made in part by organizations
like the LRF, it’s why she’s still here today.)
If you’re photo is chosen, you’ll receive a copy of the calendar
(which at this point is looking to be a $15 value).
More information at: http://is.gd/GjMBIc

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