Friday, September 27, 2013

Supernatural Friday: Interview With the Creator of Monster Fest!

 Today, I decided to interview the man behind Monster Fest, a really great horror one-day convention held every October for the past ten years at the Chesapeake Central Library, 298 Cedar Rd. in Chesapeake, Virginia. It's tenth year will be next week, on Saturday, October 5th. See the man behind the Monster....MONSTER FEST that is!

1. What made you decide to do Monster Fest? My love for all things classic horror and to everyone in the area that also love classic horror a place to meet and get together.

2. What do you hope others will get out of Monster Fest? I just hope everyone has fun! Monster Fest has really developed a sense of community over the years. And it's always great to see when someone discovers a classic horror film that we show that they have never seen before. Like I did growing up watching Dr. Madblood.

3. Who is your favorite horror actor? What is your favorite film? And what classic monster was and always will be your favorite? Favorite scary book? Too many to have one favorite horror actor , but I love Karloff, and Chaney Jr., Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. the Wolf Man is probably my favorite film with Frankenstein running a clos esecond. but Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man will always be special to me as it was the first one that I ever watched( on Dr. Madblood around 76 or 77).

4 Do you see Monster Fest celebrating its 29th anniversary, and why do you believe that? Ha! Let me just get through the 10th first!

5. What was your first monster movie? On TV : Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man. In the theater: the '76 remake of King Kong.

6. Are liking monsters your passion, a hobby, or do you incorporate it as a job of sorts? Passion and hobby.

7. What horror host did you watch when you were younger? I was( and still am) a hardcore Dr. Madblood fan from '76 on.

8. What really scares you? Politics.

9. Give us Monster Fest’s link, is it free or does it costs, and what people will see there when they come. MONSTER FEST  is FREE! We have over 70 dealer tables this year. Dr. Madblood will be there, along with the Bowman Body, and Penny Dreadful! Life size monster displays  and great panels all day long! The Cemetery Boys will be playing outside all day, and the Sons of Frankenstein will play inside before the classic horror double feature of "Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man" and " Horror of Dracula " that night.

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