Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Book Release: A Ghost on Every Corner

I am pleased to inform you that a nonfiction  book I am included in, A Ghost on Every Corner, by Dawn Colclasure, is now published. It was just released by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. It is about stories from paranormal investigators who done investigations. The book is currently out as an eBook, but it will come out in print later this month.
You can find it here:

Also on Kindle  and Nook . I am sure the print will be available in a couple of weeks at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

 Book's Blurb:
There’s a ghost town then there’s a “ghost” town! A Ghost on Every Corner is a collection of stories from paranormal investigators who have done investigations in some of America’s most haunted cities. Read about the ghost haunting a restaurant in Galena, Illinois, or about a Gettysburg Battlefield ghost who follows an investigator home! There’s also Marilyn Monroe’s ghost haunting the famous Roosevelt Hotel, a ghost violently attacking an investigator at the Sallie House and the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe’s adoptive father angrily pushing an investigator down the stairs! You’ll also get to read historical (as well as ghostly!) information about places such as The Alamo, Myrtles Plantation and the famous BirdCage Theater. Walk with investigators located across the country as they gather evidence about ghosts and go where no other would dare to tread!

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