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The Paranormal Investigation at Edgewood Plantation in Charles City, Virginia-Pictures Only, Right Now)

On Friday, December 19, 2014, my husband drove me to Charles City, Virginia, to Edgewood Plantation Bed and Breakfast, for a paranormal investigation.
I had been there twice before, once when I was writing Virginia's Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, and Other Haunted Locations, and New Year’s Eve 2011 for a paranormal investigation then. Nothing happened to me during the interview, but during the investigation, plenty, including a photo of a ghost dog (maybe two—you decided, since I can not be honest in saying I see two, just the one on the left).

Now for this past Friday's investgation:

                         (Glow or mist on right side of dining room
                    photo, not there in others of the room.)

Though it was to be in 20s later that night, Bill remained in the car to read his new science fiction novel. Two other and I made one team and began on the third floor, since that was where I started on New Year’s Eve 2011. Earlier, before the rest arrived and even after, my EMF meter would flash a second light and even a third light in the hallway and in the kitchen especially. I checked to see if not due to an electrical interference, but except for the fire detector, nothing else set it off. Plus the lights did not go on in the same spot the second or third time I tried.
The third floor got two names we could hear from the ghost box (at this time, need to download and listen to all the recording to see what else was said, but not loud enough and due to static could not be heard). At one point, I asked for a tap on the walls to let us know they were with us. A rap resounded on the wall behind me and one of the other two investigators with me heard it too, same time as me.
Others wanted to try the third floor so we left the area and clattered downstairs to the second floor where four bedrooms awaited.  We got an angry man in Victoria’s room, who wanted the “investigators to get out!” I asked, “You do not want us here? Why?” He answered, “I hate it! Yes.” In Lizzie Rowland’s room, he told us to “Go home.”  At one point, in Victoria’s room, an overwhelming sadness overcame me and I began to cry. This was because I asked if he had died in the house (suspecting he was the man who committed suicide (along with a woman earlier-his wife). I called on the little girl spirit who had talked to us too and even giggled, to make me happy. She said, “Yes,” and I was able t stop the crying.
When we went to Lizzie’s room, one partner joined others in another room across the hall, and the remaining one and me were joined by this woman who was catching videos of glowing orbs flying through the room. While spirits were talking to me through the box, she caught the curtains at the window behind me flipping, as if someone was playing with them. They thought Lizzie, but one male entity said she was not on the second floor, but elsewhere in the house and I felt it was the little girl.

                    (Glowing mist between bed's head and dresser.)

The last session of the ghost box and an EVP session happened in the parlor downstairs. We got the little girl ghost and another. They said ten ghosts were inside the house that night. The little girl aid, “Three,” but I asked her did she mean how the ghosts were in the house as a male spirit had said ten, or her age, when she passed away was three? I will have to listen to the recording then to see if she said anything.

                              (Photos of area before and several afterwards,
                     did not have any shadow. The ghosts through
                     the box said six were with us--is this all of them
                     and way so much shadow?)

                                       (Freaky. Swear see something of a skull 
                            looking in through window when I brought the
                            photo closer.)

                                          (Photo darker in hallway, not in others I took
                             of it from Lizzie's room.)

                                   (I did not see any shadow of half ring there
                                    with my own eyes., as evident in the
                        photo-to left)

                                (Even though flash went off, this room
                         remained dark. They say darkness like this is
                         considered due to spirits.)

                              (Doorway from Parlor to Hallway Went Dark Even With Flash.)

                          (Orb above piano on wall.)

My husband and I were on our way home by 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 20th.

Rest of the photos-outside Between 1-1:30 a.m. All mist you will see, I held my breath so not to jar the photograph taken. Yeah, something odd I do.

                       (Orb in Pool and Mist above bathing house.)

                                       (Light mist.)

                             (What is the ghostly mist trying to do here?)

(Another person and I were taking photos of one field and I turned
 around and took this one. Like they were close to me.)

                          (Mist appears to be leaving the top windows 
                  to left.)

                 (Mist, plus going close to one window, I suspect a


                                      (Looks like mist becoming a figure?)

                             (More mist caught.)                

                                        (No light lit from the ground in real time, yet
                          this thin line of  light from ground to second
                          floor window is there in photo. I never saw any
                         light. By this time all lights in the parking lot 
                         were off and very dark. Had to get Bill to come 
                        from car with flashlight to guide my way to the 


                    (Mist covering whole side of house. None in
                second photo taken with a second of this one.)

I took three videos, but could not upload, as this time, Blogger won;t allow from my hard drive. *sigh*


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