Friday, May 27, 2016

Supernatural Friday: A Memorial Day Tribute ( Warrior Not Forgotten-Original Poem)

Being this is Memorial Day weekend, instead of something supernatural, I am pisting my original poem. It is copyrighted, so don't copy it and paste it on Facebook or a forum, but share the link instead. That way, others can come here and not only enjoy the poem,  but may know of the valiant heroes among our midst.

Warrior Not Forgotten
Pamela K. Kinney

Rest, dear Veteran,
You fought so hard.
Struggling through jungle,
desert sands, and mountainous range
Rode in ships on choppy seas,
Danger from U-boats below or enemy planes above.
Enemy faces peeping from green foliage,
Massive tanks rolling over dunes of sand:
You're someone's father, mother,
brother, sister or friend;
Somebody known somewhere,
And yet, a lonely cross marks your grave.
A flag fluttering in the wind is your only companion,
It's all we know of one soldier, sailor or airman.
One tear shed, one heart broken,

But one life not given in vain.

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