Friday, July 08, 2016

Supernatural Friday: A Hell of My Own Making (Original Poem)

Enjoy this original poem I wrote. Please share the link so others can read it and not the poem to your site. 

A Hell of My Own Making

  Pamela K. Kinney

The humidity dripping off me
Hot…oh, so damn hot!
Death should have ended
the endless heat along with the cold.
And yet, here I am, burning.

Burning, burning, burning;
Not from sun above,
Nor from a house on fire
But from fiery flames of Hell,
Flickering, black, and cruel.

Demons everywhere,
Laughing and jabbing at me
So, I burn on.
It’s my own damn fault
I let hate overcome me.

It took one moment to fire that gun;
A second for the bullet to kill that person
Now seconds become minutes become hours
become years, and from there eons.
A moment of stupidity exchanged for an eternity of hellfire

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