Friday, November 04, 2016

Supernatural Friday: Monsters' Hunting Season (Original Poem)

Enjoy this original poem by me for Supernatural Friday. Do share the blog link ans not the perm, so others cab con and read it.

"Winter is Coming, That Mean's It's Soon Hunting Season"

Winter’s not here yet, 
It's just autumn
But the leaves are dropping
And winter's cold fingers touches my skin.
Nothing to fear,
Except freezing to death;
But the coldness
Brings the monsters
They want to play;
Play with you
In so many ways.
Less people in the woods,
It’s Sasquatch’s time.
Werewolf is drawn
To towns full of human prey.
Ghosts don’t feel
So they hunt, cold or hot
They can eat anytime!
As for vampires
They’re icebox cold too.
So who told you winter’s safe?
It’s just another hunting season
For monsters!

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