Thursday, December 15, 2016

Supernatural Friday: Winter Solstice Magic (Original Poem)

Winter Solstice Magic


Pamela K. Kinney

(please do not take the poem off as it is my original work, but share the link to the poem here with all your friends)

Chilly air,

Snowing falling,
Evergreen trees,
Sun above-though no warmth though.

Look through the mistletoe,
And see the fairies dancing
Deer are leaping,
Sharing the space with wolves and foxes
Birds are singing,
Snowdrops blooming;
That normally don’t
Winter wonderland.

It is the winter solstice,
Everyone is celebrating
Magic sparkling,
In twirling snowflakes.

Hush! Not a word,
Watch the winter solstice party
For one sound from us,
 And they will scatter,
The magic will dissipate,
With a silent winter solstice
Being all that you will have.

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