Friday, April 14, 2017

Supernatural Friday: Write the End of the Supernatural Story

What would we humans do if suddenly another species that have been living among us suddenly decided it was time for them to inherit the Earth? This species may be shapeshifters, vampires, or even demons as our ancestors called them. Whatever they may be, what would we do? Our militaries would be called out, of course, but maybe these beings would destroy many of the soldiers and sailors. Then they would come after the humans. City by city, humans might be massacred and buildings end up empty and silent, except for the monsters. Armageddon would be the cry on our lips. What do you think those few surviving members of humanity do against these beings of supernatural strengths and magic? Tell me the ending of this paranormal story if you wrote it by leaving a comment.


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Herika R Raymer said...

They had always been among us. Under beds, in closets, under stairs, in the woods, under bridges, and in the dark recesses everywhere. Feeding off the malevolence of mankind: the treachery, the callousness, and the increasing indulgence of depravity. The growing level of tolerance to evil was their ambrosia. Their cornucopia of plenty, from which they gathered their energies and became more corporeal. No longer banished to the insubstantial realms of nightmares and folklore, they were able to leave their places of origin and hunt. At first only at night and sparsely, tentatively. Then with more confidence, their attacks became more bold. Their names were no longer whispered in laughing tones, but in frightened ones. The Wampus Cat, the Jersey Devil, the Boogeyman, and the others. The things of legend moved forward and began devouring those who had banished them to the Dark. Military could not outsmart them, politicians could not bribe them, criminals could not ally with them, and people who were sheep went to the slaughter. Those who were able to survive were those who remembered the old tales, and abided by the old warnings and wards. They were not a complete protection, but enough to get them to safe zones. Mostly in areas of cold, where people were not meant to stay long. In the between area, the few in number grew hardy and learned to keep away from the lands of the sun unless absolutely necessary. They could go no further in the cold, nor could they return to the lands of the sun. Even in the lands between they were hunted, but they had a better chance. From there, fighting a war on two fronts, the last vestiges of humanity continue to fight the forces of Armageddon. They will not go quietly, the last of humankind. They continue to live and fight.