Friday, January 25, 2019

Supernatural Friday: Winter Haunt (Original Poem)

Enjoy my original ghostly poem and please share the link and not the poem, so that others can read it too. 

Winter Haunt


Pamela K. Kinney

Winter’s chill deepens when night hits
A sky full of brilliant stars and a hovering moon
Draws you outside to view nature’s glowing glories
Peace fills you at the sights,
when suddenly something nearby catches your eye,
nearby the old oak tree a few feet away.
Not an owl or some other nightly predator,
No, it has a--no it is a shadow,
darker than the darkness itself.
Then it changes, becomes like mist
Except you know the night is clear,
and there’s no mist or fog anywhere.
“What is this strange thing,” you think,
drawing closer and you reach out,
and you see it too, reaches out
A chill much worse than the winter night offers
envelopes you, digs beneath your skin.
Eyes, a nose, a face appears within the glow!
The cold burrows deeper within you
until it finds your heart,
The steady beat of a drum grows louder, harder,
And you understand it’s fear pounding your heart like a hammer.
The need to bolt, to return to the warmth and solace of your home
Fills you like a meme:
Run. Run! RUN! Or it will get you! Go now!
But your feet remained as if glued to the ground,
The ghost moves and covers you completely.
Blind terror fills you, and yet, still, you cannot move.
When suddenly, the haunt vanishes, and the stillness that
held you, is gone.
Later, inside your house, safe and sound, still shaking,
a blanket wrapped around you for warmth and comfort,
You know that winter nights have more than you bargained for;

That the supernatural haunt them, too.

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