Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An anthology of darkly erotic stories of love - twelve tales that span the full range of the fantasy, paranormal and futurisic romance genres. The trade paperback book will feature interior illustrations as well as a full color cover.
Featured Stories:
To Teach an Ancient God by Pamela K. Kinney
Shadow Lover by Pamela K. Kinney
Burning Bright by Lucy Snyder
Eternal by Sara Lunsford
Stunt Double by Clare O’Brien
Time Out of Mind by Clare O’Brien
The Blood Charm by Patricia Kirby (novella)
The Mapby Barbara Peña (novella)
The Summoning by Erin MacCay
The Transmigration Spell by Leslie Brown
The Woeful Tale of Fionna Maclean by Angeline Hawkes-Craig
Memories of Lilac by Glenda Woodrum

I saw this up at Coyote Moon Publications:
http://www.coyotemoonpublications.com/?q=node/18 ,
so I am assuming that soon this will be out for sale. Though my two stories are erotic dark fantasies, both will be under Pamela K. Kinney and not Sapphire Phelan. Actually, the erotic stuff in these two stories aren't that in your face, not like my current and upcoming stories.
I can tell you "To Teach an Ancient God" is the story of Persphone and Hades updated, and "Shadow Lover" is about a member of the Fairy Court who's also a shadow.
Just keep an eye on the link above and this blog and my website when the anthology does come out. I think the cover art is gorgeous, so fantastical! And I feel honored being included with the other super authors. It'll be a super collection of great stories.

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