Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Story Reprint, Life and All That Jazz

I got an e-mail from the editor of Speculative Fiction Centre ( ) that my horror story, "Game of Hell" was reissued in their Spring issue. This story had first appeared in their Winter issue when it premiered December 31, 2005. The story also did pretty good on the Preditors and Editors poll for 2005. And the editor let me know that it'll also be in SFC's second annual anthology, Horizons, coming out around mid-November 2006. So please check out the website, read "Game of Hell", and do read the other great stories in the Spring issue. They're great ones, free to read, and what better to do on a hot summer day then stay inside in the air conditioning and read, right?
Between that, and the acceptance of "Soul Seduction" for Forbidden Love's Bad Boys issue it has been nice these last couple weeks. I'm also working on a short story about a weregoat--more a fantasy then horror, plus got another idea for a story last night at the Virginia Writer's Club meeting, thsanks to an exercise we were doing.
Of course, I'm doing more than writing, I'm reading an advance copy of Lori Handeland's upcoming Night Creatures novel, Midnight Moon that comes out in August for a RomanceDivas.Com review. And I'm also been reading Charlaine Harris' Definitely Dead that I checked out from the library. I'll be doing more checking books out of the library and reading--right now they have reading programs for children, young adults and adults, where you read so many books and enter for chance to win prizes. The children's program also gives them opportunity to help earn dog and cat food for the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter, a very worthy cause.I've done this for the past couple summers when they added the adult program. If your library has something like this, do it. Especially have your kids join and do this. Reading is good for the mind and this would show them that reading books for pleasure is cool, not like all year when they had to for school. That they can choose what they want to read. I had done this for my son when he was a kid and teen, and he really enjoyed doing it.
One last thing, a short review of Night Watch, which just came out on DVD. I rented it as it had never came to Richmond, and not only me, but my husband enjoyed it. In fact, I plan to buy it for our own DVD collection now.
It's a Russian film, the first of a trilogy, but there was great English dubbing, pretty flawless. A pretty good storyline, about how those of the Light and those of the Dark got together thousands of years before and made a treaty to stop warring. Those of the Light become Night Watch, to keep eyes on creatures of the night (vampires, sorcerers, etc..) while the those of the Dark become Day Watch. This first film, like the first book in a trilogy is about the Night Watch and about one man, Anton, who is recruited into them as he had the ability to see them when they come to stop a witch he paid to kill the unborn child in his wife's stomach (the witch told him it was her lover's), marking him as an other. There was also a prophesy, about an other who would have to choose between the side of Light or the side of the Dark. And that he would choose the Dark. There's no doubt that it's the young boy of twelve years that we meet next in a school room. He is called by a vampire to come to her and her vampire lover, so they can feed on his blood. The Night Watch intervenes, and among them is the man who stops the vampires, with him killing the lover.
I won't tell the whole story and ruin it for you. Instead, go ahead and rent the DVD, watch the film and the special features. The special effects were well done--I especially loved the scene when a shapeshifter seamlessly morphs into a tiger. The storyline wasn't super best it could be, but still it was good. I promised, you won't be bored. There is violence though, and blood, and when the boy is threatened by the vampires can be scary, so this is not something small children should watch, I would say that maybe 11/12-year-olds and up to teens will be fine with this to watch it.
My rating: 4 1/2 dragons (something I'll use from now on reviewing books and movies).

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