Thursday, August 24, 2006

Review of Sorcha's Heart

Isn't the picture above so cool? I was next door at the Byrd Theatre for an interview with the manager about the second-runned movie theatre's ghost for my nonfiction ghosts of Richmond book I'm writing when I walked over to Bygones (a vintage clothing store) and had to take this photo of their window display. Obviously, Pirate of the Caribbean has made pirates so cool these days.

Anyway, I'll be doing reviews sometimes as part of my blogging. And since I am a big dragon fan, I will be giving dragons, in rating from one to five--like this one dragon. Today, the first one will be Sorcha's Heart by Debbie Mumford. The publisher is Freyer's Bower and the ebook came out in 2006.
I had won this lovely erotic fantasy in a contest and was pleasantly surprised to get a book that I really enjoyed.
The heroine, Sorcha goes against her mother's wishes to find the Heart of Fire and end the war between the humans and the dragons. But when she is close to finding it, a black dragon appears, telling her that he was summoned to witness its rebirth. But the Heart of Fire does when Sorcha gets it and places the chain of the medallion around her neck, is something unforseen. Its magic causes a metamorphosis, changing her into a dragon. The the black dragon, Caedryn, takes her under his wing and helps her to become a dragon. What is also unforseen is the growing love Sorcha develops for Caedyrn, further complicating her desire to find a way to become human once more.
An deeply erotic fantasy, it is well-written and is almost a fantastic symbol of what life and love between two different races means in the real world today. Debbie Mumford shows us that even with such a relationship between two different species the gap can be bridged, as love is the greatest equalizer.

I give this story five dragons.


Zinnia said...

Woot! You go, Debbie!

kmfrontain said...

Hey, nice review for Debbie. Thanks, Pamela -- from dah editor.