Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Haunted Richmond, Virginia in Chesterfield County Library Branches!

So cool! Haunted Richmond, Virginia in Chesterfield County Library collection--all the branches!! Haunted Richmond,Virginia
I got the email from Neal Wyatt of the County library collections:
Hello from Chesterfield County Public Library,
Thank you for sending a collection request to the Chesterfield County Public Library using LINC. We appreciate your interest in the collection and value your feedback.
We have received your recent book suggestion of Haunted Richmond. We are pleased to tell you that this book is already part of the library's collection. If you would like to place a copy on hold, you can do so by using our online catalog,
http://library.co.chesterfield.va.us .
I hope you enjoy the title.
Neal Wyatt Collection Management Chesterfield County Public Library
Anyone who has contact with their library, or even suggesting it to Library of Virginia which would be nice. Yes, Schiffer is contacting them, but as seen by Chesterfield, suggestions from the public help. I also have already a copy in the Colonial Heights Library.
Anyway, this is exciting to me.

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