Thursday, August 02, 2007

Travel Guide to Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region on Amazon and Harry Potter 7 Reviewed

I have a horror short story, "Plagued" included with so many other great, scary stories in Travel Guide to the Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region Anthology and now you can get it at AMAZON . So now if you get my nonfiction ghost book you can buy the anthology and read my ficitonal ghost story.

Also if anyone has bought Haunted Richmond, Virginia and read it please leave me a comment here a link to your blog or what not. Thanks. I will post the link to your review and blog on my website.

And now my review of Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows by J. K. Rowling. When I got the last book in the Harry Potter series from Creatures and Crooks Book Shoppe (whihc was the first one picked up--my husband put it aside for me) I took it home after everyone had finally left with their books. I didn't start reading it until the next day. Of course, I started into it. It took me a few days as I had my own manuscripts due and of course, 'Real Life" butting in.

In this book Harry, Ron and Hermoine are older and the war is on. Voldemort, or He Who Shall Not Be Named (whihc we find out why for a very good reason, his name lets him know where those against him are)has his Death Eaters, including Snape. Snape, who everyone is wondering is he really a bad guy, or is it all a fake. That gets answered in this book. And no I won't answer it for those who haven't read it yet. Anyway, Harry's Muggle family is taken away by some of the Order of the Phoenix wizards for their own safety, then , with Mad-Eye Moody leading them, several of Harry's friends are made tp look like him so they can help him escape to a safe place, tricking the Death Eaters. it doesn't work. But when Voldemort tries to stop the real Harry he fails, but unfortunately his owl, Hedwig doesn't escape with her life.

There are deaths in this book. Rowling doesn't let all of the good guys survive. So if you don't want to read any favorite die or have a child who couldn't handle this, I would suugest not reading this book. It's more of an adult book, but then I said from Book 4 on up it was more for young adults and adults and not young children. And there's too much extra stuff in this that could have been edited, amking it a tighter, more straight to the action book. But I still enjoyed it and recommend it for a good read on vacation. It's a fitting end to something we may never see again, or maybe we will.

I give this book 4 1/2 DRAGONS.

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