Monday, March 03, 2008

New Review for Haunted Richmond in Campfire Tales. Issue 5

Below is some of what the reviewer for Campfire tales, in Issue 5, had to say about Haunted Richmond, Virginia:

I am proud to say that Mrs. Kinney has weaved a work that not only informed and educated me, she did it in such an entertaining and escapist way that I didn't even notice: such is the power of her narrative. Upon reflection, her skill at presenting unbiased facts in such a fashion as to leave the reader's mind open to the possibilities of…what if…is the greatest single accomplishment of Haunted Richmond and the very gifted lady that penned it.Haunted Richmond is, in itself, like a walk through the cemetery that lurks just beyond the reach of the city lights, no matter where you live. The very one where you'll find yourself whistling a tune just to break the eerie silence that can too easily become ominous—and the thrill that you made it through without an unseen spirit grabbing your ankle or some lurking beats biting into your flesh. In short, Haunted Richmond is one awesome journey through a very frightening and very exciting place.

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