Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Review of Prosperity by Deborah Woehr

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Amanda Thorne is an embattled clairvoyant, who refuses to believe in God or the afterlife, even when the ghost of her murdered husband confronts her from his grave. More ghosts confront her when she finds herself stranded in a tiny town in Arizona.Two of them mistake her for a prominent woman who was murdered 79 years ago. One of them wants to avenge him for the murder, and the other wants to kill her all over again. She and her misplaced deputy friend must uncover the truth about the murder before history repeats itself." Read the excerpt HERE . Read more of Deborah Woehr's writing and book announcements at: HER BLOG .

Ghosts hang around for a variety of reasons. There’s unfinished business. Maybe it’s due to their mortal realm home being more their heaven on earth so why go beyond the veil? Another reason that is given is due to terrible violence done to the ghost when he/she was alive, and the spirit wants justice or revenge. Even if the ones who did it to them are no longer there, or are haunting the same space as the victim. This is the reason for the frightening occurrences in Prosperity, Arizona.
A clairvoyant that neither believes in God or the afterlife, Amanda Throne is confronted by her murdered husband at his grave. He threatens her, telling her she should be in the grave, not him. He promises to get her and then she wakes up, finding herself actually standing in front of his grave. This is just part and parcel of what makes up her life after his death and as we find out, their marriage when he was alive. She has known Hell long before she gets to Prosperity. Finally, between her husband’s ghost and her living mother-in-law, she decides to get in her car and take off. She makes it to Arizona, where her car breaks down in the desert, about a mile from Prosperity.
She finds herself forced to stay in the town, due to circumstances and the sheriff. She gets together with one of the sheriff’s deputies, Travis Colbain, and at first they want nothing to do with each other. But gradually, as the hauntings increase and people in the town die and become earth-bound spirits stuck in the town’s dimensions themselves, both join together to dig up the past and hopefully end the growing horror.
Deborah Woehr’s horror tale, Prosperity has interesting, complex characters. Each person, even the nice ones, has a nasty side. There are those too who refuse to hide this, like the Wilders and even Bud. And when townspeople die, they find that they are already in Hell, unable to escape the boundaries. Worse, Amanda discovers that two of the spirits mistake her for a murdered woman from seventy-nine years ago. One wants her to avenge him while the other wants her dead.
This book explores not only the theme of the paranormal kind of hauntings, but digs into those of the psychological kind that haunt both the living and even the dead. Lines between evil and good can be splattered by many shades of gray. That sometimes, a town is more than just s town, but the center of Hell itself. And that is why Prosperity will scare you.
I give Prosperity 4 Dragons.

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