Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Mutterings

Had sinus infection last week and went to the doctor. Got a prescription antibiotics from the doctor that is six pills to take in five days. Well,on the last day I caught a bad cold. That's when I remembered I got these pills before, two years ago, and the same result--a nasty cold. Still a little hoarse and a little stuffed, but much better after more over the counter sinus pills and blowing my nose. Got Shevacon in two days and I can not be ill.
Now that I am better, I was able to go exercise and to my hairdresser. And looking forward to Shevacon. We leave tomorrow morning to stay at the hotel day before and check out some bookstores in area.
Whoops! Gotta go. In an hour got to pick hubby up from work, and I need to go pay a bill and have our mail put on hold until Monday. Have a great over-the-hump day, everyone!

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