Monday, October 12, 2009

Reviews of Jim Bernheimer's Dead Eye and Horror, Humor, and Heroes

"Mandatory FTC disclaimer: I was given these two books by the author, promising to review them for him. They are complimentary copies of the books and no other compensation has been provided to me."
When Jim Bernheimer gave me the copies of his books, signed, I was happy to get some new books to read.
I started with Horror, Humor, and Heroes.This is collection of short stories by the author. As the title implys, there is assorted themes for this book. The first story is set from a wolfs POV. The story is treated as if the wolf is a primitive, where like humons do not bleieve in ghosts sometimes, the same goes for the wolf pack when he tries to tell them that humans exists and are hunting them. I really enjoyed this one.
But my favorite out of them all is "Raw and Real." The story takes a captured werewolf on death role, who is used for a Pay For View TV event. I had seen werewolf hunt stories before, but first time the Pay for View idea was used. There's a twist at the end, showing that television will used anything to get better ratings and more money.
Other tales include a vampire one, ones with zombies, a little girl with a devilish invisible friend and more.
This collection I gave 4 1/2 dragons to.
Dead Eye:Pennies for the Ferryman is Jim Bernheimer's urban fantasy novel. In this story, Mike Ross is in the military and driving a Hummer in Iraq when it is bombed by terrorists. The two men with him die, but Mike survives, receiving replacement parts, free medical care, and a tiny check per month for the rest of his life. But one thing he didn't get from the goverment, buthe still got also--thanks to a cornea transplant he can now see spirits. He has become the male version of Jennifer Love Hewitt.
With ghosts wanting help from the living and people wanting help to stop being haunted, evil things out to get him, and more, it seems that Mike is given a gift--or is it a curse?Life couldn't get more interesting, or deadly, too.
A thriller that hits the gut, Jim Bernheimer kept me glued to the pages. With October chill in the air and Jack-O-Lanterns grinning madly, Jim Bernheimer knows how to waeave a scary tale.
I give Dead Eye: Pennies for the Ferryman 5 dragons.

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