Friday, May 07, 2010


Four Questions Friday asks about paranormal investigating.

1. have you ever been on a paranormal investigation?

2. Dou you watch "Ghost Hunters," or any of the orther shows?

3. If you could do an investigation, what piece of equipment would you like to use? (not counting a camera)

4. What does evp mean? What is an EMT meter do?


Esther Mitchell said...

In answer to your questions:

1. Yes, I have - quite a few.

2.Used to. I kind of lost my respect for the TAPS group because they spout statistics without doing proper research, and completely ignore areas of parapsychology that closely link with paranormal investigation. I've also watched Ghost Lab - okay, but I think they try to bend the facts and evidence to fit what they want to find. I refuse to watch Paranormal State for personal reasons.

3. I personally like doing EVP.

4. EVP : Electronic Voice Phenomenon - originally called Raudive voices

EMT meters measure electromagnetic signatures. However, my personal opinion is that they're wholly unnecessary, as a standard compass can often do as good, if not better, because it is rarely influenced by man-made magnetic sources.

Librarian D.O.A. said...

I can answer No to all. I used to be really interested in ghosts and such, and loved Hans Holzer's books.

I might have been ruined by the Amityville Horror, by Jay Anson ot quite sure how.

Above the Norm said...

1. yes but only a couple
2. I still watch GH and GHI but not too happy with them right now. GA boys are silly but I enjoy watching them.
3. a thermal imaging camera...they are cool
4. EVP - electric voice phenomenon
EMT meter - what Esther Mitchell said...

BoltWalt said...

1. No

2. No

3. Shotgun, likely useless vs paranormal, but good for making me feel better.

4. I looked at the first response and agree with it.

Linda Andrews said...

1.-No, but I've encountered a few of them without trying. Don't want to know what I'd find if I was actually looking.

2. Used to, but they'd lost some of their objectivity in the race for ratings.

3. I'd bring salt and stand in a circle of it.

4. Esther answered this one best, but I read somewhere this was only used after Ghostbusters.

Patty said...

1.Yes several investigations some with a group but mostly alone

2. I watch all the ghost shows. Some are believable some are not. But they do give me in-site as to where to go investigate or at lest read up on the history of the area and why it might be haunted.

3. A recorder for EVP

4. EVP Electronic Voice...a way of communication
EMT not sure of the scientific meaning but I know it lights up if any activity is in the area I have only used once and did not find to be that dependable due to the fact that it would go off If my camera got to close and my camera is always around my neck.