Friday, May 14, 2010


Four Questions Friday asks about how you felt about the last episode of Supernatural from last night. This may be the last season, at least with the producer. Please do tell about how you felt, even go ahead and feel free to talk spoilers. For those who did not see it yet (maybe recorded it to watch later) don't look at the comments until you have seen it.

1. Did you like the ending?

2. Do you thought it could have been done better, or were you satisfied with the whole season 5?

3. What is your take on the whole five seasons of the show?

4. Name your favorite episode. The one you can watch over and over.

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Anonymous said...

1. Which ending? The one where Sam jumped into Hell, taking Michael with him. The one where the writer was talking about endings. Or that very last puzzling bit with Sam looking in on Dean.

I pretty much liked them all. They've been setting us up all season for the first and in this episode for the final bit (Dean's promise), which could serve as the jumping off point for S6. But I especially loved the writer's comments. "Endings are hard." Laughed my A$$ off at "The fans will bitch." After reading comments on "Lost"'s "Across the Sea," I can say the fans will most definitely bitch no matter what.

I thought the whole season was pretty spiffy. I especially liked Death last week.

I have to admit to being a casual fan of the show. I watched the first few episodes and dismissed it as a "monster of the week" show. But I had a friend who watched it regularly, and I would peek in on occasion and started to keep track of what the boys were up to. Then Castiel showed up, and I was really intrigued but had a viewing conflict so it was still somewhat hit and miss. But I pretty much watched most all of this season.

Because I'm not a devoted fan (and haven't seen all the peisodes) I don't have a favorite.