Friday, July 16, 2010

Four Questions Friday

The questions for today asks you about cryptozoology.

1. Do you know what cryptozoology means?

2. What monsters people claimed to have seen do you really believe exists?

3. It is claimed that mountain lions do not exist in Virginia since the beginning of the 20th century--do you think they do?

4. What is your take on Chupacabra?


Anonymous said...

Cryptozoology is the search for animals that mainstream biology considers "legendary" or nonexistent.

I don't have an issue believing in cryptids considering how little we actually know about the planet we live on, we discover new things everyday so they could potentially all exist.

I believe the claims that mountain lions have not existed in virginia for that long to be utter rubbish.A few years ago I was working at camp powhatan,I worked as a dish washer and we stayed rather late, as late as one or two in the morning. I was leaving the kitchen and was heading back towards my cabin when off in the distance I heard something I had only heard on T.V., it was the roar of a large cat. It stirred my entire being, not sure as to what it actually was I asked around.The only intelligent response I could get off of anyone was that it could be a mountain lion.When I finished working that summer and finally got home I did a bit of online research and tried to find out what the roar of a mountain lion sounded like, when I finally found an audio clip I got that same stirring feeling.

Up until the past couple of years I had always hoped that if the chupacabra did exist it was the small big eyed spiky creature that had always been depicted, now to find out that it could potentially be some sort of canine with mange saddens me.


D.A. Ward said...

1. I believe cryptozoology is the study of animals thought to be extinct.

2. I know someone who knows someone (hallmark of the tall-tale) that swears they saw a bigfoot type creature in the mountains near the Ty river in Virginia. He was up in a deer stand and turned around to find the creature eye to eye with him. He summarily crapped himself as he was frozen with fear and then the creature went bounding off into the dense forest. It's a good yarn. I believe such things could exist in particularly secluded environments. As far as the VA bigfoot, my willingness to believe it IS possible is often eroded by my logical reasoning. But then, one never really knows...

3. Does that include bobcats? I live out in Hanover and I'm suspicious there has been a bobcat about for many years now.

4. Yo queiro taco bell! Naw, but really... I figure the explanation for Chupacabra is either exceedingly mundane or quite fantastic. So it's either animals/humans or it's the aliens working on their carne asade recipe.

Anonymous said...

1/ Cru[tpzpp;pgu o stje stidu pf
joddem" animals. They may be hidden because they're legends/rumors and don't actually exist or they may be species we haven't fully observed yet.

2. Nessie d3finitely. Sasquatch (and its relatives around the world) probably. Maybe some of the "big cats."

3. Mountain lions in Va? Maybe a small population--or an occasional transient from some other part of the country.

4. Chupacabra--well, made for a good X-File episode anyway.


Pamela K. Kinney said...

Chupacabra was featured on a show on either History or Discovery, that it may be a canine with mange. Least by a couple of dead animals found in Texas. That makes it logical actually, as they had descriptions from first one seen elsewhere and I think a hair or something examined, which was determined not monkey and maybe canine, I think.

Yes, there are bobcats in Virginia.
I know about mountain lions as did about that in my second book.

Crowbabe said...

1. Do you know what cryptozoology means?

Not's hard not to read other people's posts, but my first thought was that Cryptozoology was the study of ancient animal remains. Then I started remembering certain X Files episodes...

2. What monsters people claimed to have seen do you really believe exists?

I think that there are plenty of Sea and Lake monsters out there, as well as Yetis. I am also inclined to believe in the Native American legends about creatures like the Wendigo. Vampires, maybe, but nothing like what you see on TV or in the Goth clubs...

3. It is claimed that mountain lions do not exist in Virginia since the beginning of the 20th century--do you think they do?

It's possible ~ there are a lot of unsettled forests in states like that. I live in another state that MAY have Mountain Loins making a comeback ~ Michigan. I think that they were over-hunted in the past, and hope that they will become established again.

4. What is your take on Chupacabra?

I don't rule it out, but I would also want to explore other factors ~ Vampire bats, disease, practical 'jokes' intent on preserving the legend, etc...