Friday, November 05, 2010


Four Questions Friday asks about chance encounters with wild animals, since my husband and I had ours with a black bear on Blue Ridge Parkway, which we were on this past Wednesday.
1. Ever had a chance encounter with a wild animal?
2. What wild animal would you like to see one day in the wild that you never had yet?
3. What would you do if you were hiking in the woods and ran into a bear (we were in our car, but bears are in the mountains here, so it has and can happen)?
4. Do you like watching National Geographic or Animal Planet shows?


Debbie Painter said...

1. Often! My job takes me in the woods a lot. Mammals tend to be secretive, as do owls so I think it is cool when I have seen n the eastern states, deer and foxes, raccoons, great horned owls, a barred owl, rabbits, snakes of all kinds. In Pennsylvania I saw a porcupine! In the western states, I saw a herd of pronghorn antelope, as well as many a coyote.

2. I would like to see a bobcat, as I have never seen one.

3. If I saw a bear I would stand very still and hold my arms up above my body to appear scarier and larger. I have been very close to where a bear has been... I have walked past their warm and freshly deposited (ahem!).

4. I sometimes watch Animal Planet.

The Mystery Writer said...

We live in a small coastal town in southern Oregon and see wild deer walking around - in town, all the time. I love it. There are elk and bears around too, but I haven't seen any yet.

I love anything with a leg on each corner.
Carlene Rae Dater
EPIC finalist in three catagories

BrennaLyons said...

1. Sure. What type do you want to know about? We've had all manner of animals come to call while we've been camping, and my dogs tend to get into it with ones you wouldn't expect to find in a city.

2. Hmmm...haven't yet? Polar bear. I have seen footage of them, but I want to see one in the wild personally.

3. Well, I was always taught to back off slowly, make noise, and don't turn away or look away. I'd probably try that first.

4. LOVE IT! We are currently watching the Big Cat Diaries. Netflix has a ton of animal shows.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

1. I've run into mountain lions several times here in Northern, CA. Once I ran into a mother and one cub.

2. I'd love to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

3. If I saw a black bear, and I've seen grizzlies from a distance up in Montana and Wyoming, I'd either roll into a ball or yell. I am really scared of grizzlies!

4. I watch Last American Cowboy on Animal Planet - great show!

Anonymous said...

1. We had a similar bear encounter on the Parkway on our honeymoon. We were also within two jumps of live alligators (two of 'em) in South Carolina. That was unnerving. One of my cats once cornered an oppossum on the front porch. (I took her--the cat--in the house pronto.) Then there was the squirrel who scolded us in Regen Park, London, for having the audacity to not have snacks for it. Good times.

I'd like to have a successful whale watching trip, and, like Debbie, I wouldn't mind seeing a lynx...from a safe distance.

I would probably try to make myself look as small and non-threatening as possible and try to get behind a tree.

We don't get Nat. Geo. channel (so I'll miss the migration stuff), and Animal Planet has too many animals in peril shows for my taste, but I used to love "Wild Kingdom," and I occasionally catch a good animal show on PBS.


Phyllis said...

My husband and I go wilderness camping in Algonquin Park regularly.
We've seen wild ducks ( in our camp - site ), loons, moose,had a pack of wolves pass our camp - site at night, had a bear IN our camp - site,( no problem ), a BEAUTIFUL red fox who wanted to keep us company for a time,otters, and a blue heron who acted as a pilot - bird for us and kept us company on our trip for a short distance.
I once saw a bear - cub when I was travelling by myself in B.C. You'd
better believe that I made myself VERY scarce at top speed !! I did NOT want a face - to - muzzle meeting with Mama Bear !! I knew I'd lose, even though I didn't want a fight. LOL

I would love to see whales, polar bears, mountain gorillas and dolphins in their natural habitats.

I'd probably go blank - minded, do everything wrong and end up dead.

I like watching these shows although I don't have much time for it. Sometimes they can be totally fascinating or a total turn - off for me.

Leah St. James said...

I used to live in New Jersey, in a highly populated part of the state. (Okay, okay, the whole state is highly populated, I know!) Anyway, one time I was driving down one of the residential streets and saw this gigantic dog running toward my car. Poised to hit the brakes, I realized it was a deer, just galloping down the middle of the road! It was bizarre! After that, I started seeing them all over the place. On early-morning walks, I'd come across whole families chomping on a neighbor's bushes. That's the kind of close critter encounter I can handle. :-)

DL Thomas said...

I am from Iowa and live in Missouri, so don't get to see much.
1.Yes I have seen some wild animals. Coyotes, red foxes, bob cats, deer, and several small animals. I also some some bears on Mt. Rainer.
2.I would have to say that Wolves are the one wild animal I would love to see.
3.I would make a lot of noise.
4.Yes, I love animal Planet.