Thursday, February 24, 2011

Supernatural Friday-Zombies

Zombies. What are they? They used to be connected with voodoo. Now, thanks to "Night of the Living Dead" in the late Sixties, people think zombies are flesh eating undead monsters. Of course, George A. Romero admitted he never coined the term (someone else did), but thought of the undead cannibals in his film as ghouls.

What do you think they are? What are your favorites--the current flesh eaters, or those from the days of voodoo and black and white films?


Kate said...

I love them all. I love the fast zombies, I love the slow zombies, I love the zombies that continue to crawl and bite after losing almost every single body part. You never see a lazy zombie, or see a zombie give up. Honestly, zombies have a much higher work ethic than most people I know. They're just determined, and if it's brains they want nothing short of a shot to the head, total dismemberment or fire will deter them from their goal.

K.Victoria Smith said...

I'm partial to the Haitian/African zombie. The magical roots, loss of free will and the role of the necromancer are far more tragic. I am playing with plot idea around this, to include zombie POV. Plus they don't seem to have a history of eating your brains. A bonus in the romance department :-)

I've also blogged on the zombie myth and writing at

Anonymous said...

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