Friday, August 26, 2011

Supernatural Friday: Can Weather and Other Things Affect the Paranormal?

My adult son told me he heard a loud bang last night from the office as we slept and he ran into there, only to find nothing undisturbed. When I said it might be from an aftershock from the earthquake that hit Virginia, he said only heard the bang from one wall and nothing shook. I thought that maybe it was a ghostly presence? And wondered if spirits are affected by disturbances like quakes, hurricanes, and more, like it is said thunderstorms can cause things to do with the paranormal.

As the livng here scramble to prepare for Hurricane Irene, do ghosts react negatively or positively to this threat too? Did the quake and its aftershocks make more paranormal activity along the East Coast than normal?

At they talk about how this might suggest the end of the world as prophesized. But my concern is more in how the atmosphere from first the quake and now the hurricane might make phantoms appeared more often than the norm.

I do know that there are spirits who forewarn those of approaching storms, like the Gray Man of Pawley Island, South Carolina. He always appears just before a storm hits the island, warning the inhabitants. When the "Storm of 1822" slammed the area, most perished, except one young girl and her family. According to legends, she was warned by the phantom of her departed lover. A man in 1954 was also warned by a stranger to take his family and flee. The man returned after the storm left the area only to find most of the island in shambles, except for his house. Even the wash was still left on the line! That is another facet of the legend, that those who see the Grey Man means that no harm will come to them.

Another is the "Gray Man" of Hatteras, North Corolina. Legends says that the ghost is of a sailor named Gray, who perished on his ship when it was caught in a hurricane. He hangs close to the lighthouse, warning those of the approaching storms. Those who do not heed his warning are doomed to die when the hurricane hits Hatteras.

So when Irene leaves the East Coast, take notice of anything strange. Do you hear voices when no one is there or suddenly, do things on your shelves fly off ? It would be interesting to check out. And if you see the Gray man, listen to him.


Monti said...

Intriquing thoughts to ponder, Pamela!

Thanks for the blog.


Annabelle Ambrosio said...

Interesting thoughts. It seems to me that the electro-magnetic field of the earth might have something to do with the ghosts, from what I've seen on t.v as they do investigations.

Anonymous said...

VERY interesting thought to ponder, Pamela! I was born and raised in Florida so I experienced ALOT of hurricanes over my lifetime. I cant recall, specifically, anything paranormal happening before. But I do remember instances where "odd" events happened after a hurricane. For example, one hurricane completely destroyed our home (I was 5 at the time). And I do mean COMPLETELY destroyed. Nothing but pieces left. But in searching the debris, it was discovered that my mom's Bible and my teddy bear (my favorite that Id cried about because I accidentally left it behind when we fled the coming storm) was found right in the middle of the debris sitting on top of everything as though both items had been placed there purposely. Picture how odd that must have looked: a pile of nothing but unrecognizable debris....and a Bible and teddy bear sitting on top of it.

Anyhoo! Great post and intriguing to say the least!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Thanks, Monti. And yes, Annabelle, I am sure that is the reason--same reason thunderstorms seems to have paranormal activity happen in a place at the same time.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Kari, that is cool. No doubt some spirit felt you had to have two precious items left behind in flight. Maybe even a relative who passed away before the hurricane happenstance?

Lisa Kessler said...

Very interesting concept Pam!!!

I've never considered that before... Being in San DIego we don't get much weather, but earthquakes maybe?


Pamela K. Kinney said...

I do remember San Diego havinbg typhoons--least I went through one back there in '76. But I even think earthquakes can affect paranormal activity.