Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year: I Was Paranormal Investigating for New Year's Eve!

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While most people were going to parties at friends' and relatives' homes or to bars and cocktail lounges to celebrate the new year in, I drove to Charles City, Virginia on New Year's Eve 2011 to Edgewood Bed and Breakfast. There would be a paranormal investigation that night. While millions watched the ball drop at Times Square on television, I and the others took a break to toast each other with champagne or sparking cider, before using one last half hour to investigate, before closing up and taking off at 1 p.m. for our homes or rooms rented out to those staying the night.

I'd been to the bed and breakfast in September 2009 to interview Dot  Boulware about their place and its haunting, particularly by Lizzie Rowland, for Virginia's Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, and Other Haunted Locations. At that time, using my digital recorder to record our interview and maybe to capture some EVPs, plus taking pictures, I never got anything. Last night, was different (at least the pictures, as I still have to upload the recordings and listen to them). I did video too, and least showed on them at one point, the constant lights flashing on my EMF meter , which happened at all the places we visited except in the Tavern downstairs and the first time on the third floor.

Edgewood had been part of Berkeley once. Benjamin Harrison had gone to King Carter of Shirley and asked if he could purchase some land for a mill. He ended up buying 22,000 acres. In 1725, he built the grist mill. It was so successful, that he built Berkeley Plantation in 1726. During the Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold visited here, too.  The Harrison slaves lives in their cabins on the land and worked the mill.

But in 1840, maybe due to need for money, 1,800 acres and the mill were sold to a Yankee from New Jersey, Spencer Rowland. All was so well that Spencer built the house. He moved into it with his wife and daughter, Elizabeth (this was Lizzie).

When everyone had arrived who was coming, Dot took all on tour of the place, telling what happened to her (same she told me at the interview, that is now in the chapter in my book). Team members of Ghost Eyes who set this whole cool event up had heard the stories before so they sat out in the parlor.  

And since I heard it before and I wanted to do some investigating on my own, I wandered into the dining room, the room off of that, and upstairs on the second and third floors. I turned on my digital recorder and took pictures and did a couple of video down in the dining room. I also took my EMF meter which nothing happened, especially in the third floor thought the area was freezing and I didn't feel alone. The third floor bothered me, unlike the rest of the house. I had been up there in 2009 when Dot showed me around, but unlike then, it was hard staying there. At one point, my throat tightened and I could heard the pulse pounding, boom, boom, boom. Suddenly, the cold left and I grew warm again and the throat released, the pulse no longer in my ears. I didn't feel like something was there anymore and I got off the small sofa and left the floor to head downstairs. One of the pictures I took at the doorway before entering the floor actually went dark, though the flash went off. I've been told when that happens that it's a sign of a presence usually.

Dot had finished with the tour and most of us split up into no more than five together. I joined Carol, head of Richmond Paranormal Society, and Luke. We wanted to do the third floor, but another group had beat us, so we settled for the second floor, since it seemed no one else were doing it. We didn't do Lizzie's room, as Carol's husband, Stewart, was in there. We shut the door and turned off all lights. The first room we investigated was the one to the left of Lizzie's. Suitcases of some planning to stay the night there later stood on the floor. We turned off the lights, including the tree in the room, and shut the door. I set out my EMF meter turned on, my recorder and my LED flashlight, which had acted weird, flickering. I had never seen it do that before. Later, at one point in our investigation, Luke thought the batteries were dying. But after the last time the flashlight did this, it never did, and even today, no flickering. Whatever spirit (or was it more than one?), had done this.
By the EMF meter, my ghost box and Carol's Oblique, we tried to communicate with it. We also did this in the bedroom across the hallway, where there I used my drowsing rods. In our communication the spirit mentioned it stood behind Carol, and Luke thought he had saw the curtains at the window move. Though he still wasn't sure if saw it for sure or not.
We finally climbed up the stairs to the third floor where my EMF meter's lights began flashing in sequences. It did ten times for all lights, then stopped, changing to another variation on the sequence. I wondered if it was Morse code. Was it trying to use some form of communicating with us, or playing around?

When someone came in on us and told us it was time to switch, even only we'd been there no more then fifteen minutes, we decided to head out to the mill. The night was clear and cold, with a multitude of brillant stars and a crecent moon dancing across the night sky. Charles City has no towering city buildings or light and is a perfect place to stargaze or watch for ufos.
We walked up the steps into the mill. My meter on, the lights went crazy again, though Carol's (different from mine) didn't move its needle at all. The entity appeared to want to used mine. We got it to answer us when we asked was it from the Civil War era, which it flashed, meaning yes. It flashed once when Carol asked if it liked me. I told it it could not follow me home as my husband would not like it. It went to the one green light and didn't come on for about maybe ten minutes. Had I  upset it? Luke sent upstairs to the second and third floor of the mill. He came back down to join us again. I noticed a shadow moving on the box above his head and took a picture. In the photo, I got an orb above the box, close to the right edge.

We left it, taking pictures of the surrounding area. We walked until we came to a spot where a path was broken up and I snapped a couple of pictures, which I got mist in it. Now undersatand, there was no mist that night. Remember, it was a clear night where one could see the stars and the moon. I didn't see any mist with my naked eye, and neither did Carol or Luke. Later, it was Dot who pointed out as I showed her the mist, that the second one was two dogs. I peered at it, as did Carol and other investigators, who all agreed that indeed the mist was dogs. Though later on my laptop screen, I am not sure its two, but one canine, and that maybe the one on the left is its body. What you think?

Very cool that I got something like that. The photo after that only contained orbs. Which was all Carol got.

We went back to the house, where we did the room between the dining room and the front hallway, then the dining room. At one point, with the seem flashin g of my EMF meter, I asked if possibly the spirit with us was a child, maybe a girl? It flash the lights on. When I asked again if it was a boy, to see if it would flash the lights again, it did not do so. Later, Steve of Ghost Eyes's wife told me when they had stayed overnight before an d she had left her recorder on all night, at around 4:30 a.m a little girl's voice had been recorded and they even hear her footsteps leaving te room to go downstairs! So now it appears that more than Lizzie haunts the bed and breakfast. Who is this little girl?
It would be interesting to find out.

After my partners and I joined some other paranormal group downatairs in the tavern to do a session where we saw shadows moving and heard some noises. Were these intelligent spirits or residuals as one member of the other team asked? 

It was close to midnight and everyone trooped down to the tavern to share a flute of champagne of sparkling cider to toast 2012 in. I took cider as I would be driving home. Once home, I would share a glass with my husband and son champagne then. We all got in one more investigation before we all had to leave at 1 a.m.

(kitchen blurred and I did not move the camera--paranormal?)

I wondered if Carol got anything else as she and her husband stayed the night? It will be interesting to learn what she did or did not get. Check out some more of my pictures and to learn m ore what happened that night (including any evps) come to my Marscon panel, Ghosts and Legends of Southeastern Virginia, January 13th at 10 p.m, in Room 103.

It was a super way to ring in the new year. After all, hauntings happen all year long! Happy 2012.


Unknown said...

Wow, how exciting and what a wonderful way to bring in the new year! Way more exciting than my New Years Eve! Thank you for sharing, I've been to New Orleans many times and love the ghost tours. Sure, they are hyped up, but in a city that old, you know there have to be some real ghosts.
Thanks again!
J.A. Garland

Unknown said...

Wow, how exciting and what a wonderful way to bring in the new year! Way more exciting than my New Years Eve! Thank you for sharing, I've been to New Orleans many times and love the ghost tours. Sure, they are hyped up, but in a city that old, you know there have to be some real ghosts.
Thanks again!
J.A. Garland

Mary said...

This place sounds great. I couldn't make out the dog. But I did se the orbs. What a great way to bring in the New Year.

Beth Trissel said...

wow, very interesting Pamela. I've been to Charles City and Berkeley plantation and that general area while researching my paranormal romance Somewhere My Love. With all of that history I'm not surprised you sensed and recorded all that you did. I had a very strong sense of something odd at Shirley Plantation the moment we drove in to park.

Linda Lyons-Bailey (for GBM4cure) said...

What a lovely place! Somebody will have to help me make a dog out of that mist, though. I'm just not seeing it.

Linda Lyons-Bailey (for GBM4cure) said...

Ohhhhh. He kinda reminds me of Goofy.

Penelope Marzec said...

Interesting! Thought I must say I enjoyed being home, warm and cozy, on New Year's Eve.

The mist photos were the most intriguing. :^)

Unknown said...

I made out the dog in both pictures and the orbs. What an interesting way to bring in the New Year! Sounds like it was very educational and exciting.

Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Tricia P.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Yes, Tricia, it was. Head of one of the two paranormal groups I am with, Richmond Paranor al Society is askin g us in poll if like to do that the 31st in 2012. :)