Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Join Me at Marscon in Williamsburg, Va. Jan. 13-15th

I'll be at Marscon next week as a writer guest, but it's always a great little convention to go as a fan. This year, they have a theme of the end of the world, thanks to those Mayans and their prediction.

It will be held at the Holiday Inn Patriot, 3032 Richmond Rd. (Rt. 60) Williamsburg, VA 23185, January 13, 14, and 15. besides at door price for all weekend, there will be day rates. Check back next week for these: Registration .  For all the guests, including the Guests of Honor: GUESTS

My Panels

As Pamela K. Kinney:
Friday, Jan. 13th 10 pm to 11pm: Ghosts and Legends of Southeastern Virginia (Room 103)

A panel of paranormal perfection with the well-spooken trio of Pamela K. Kinney, Cheralyn Lambeth and Kathryn Lively.
Autograph Armageddon (Patriot Ballroom)

Saturday, Jan. 14th 1pm to 3pm: Indulge your inner fan and get signatures from MarsCon’s fantastic 2012 lineup of authors. Hear them read samples of their work while you wait in line. Join GOH S. M. Stirling and many other MarsCon authors for two hours of our featured signing event. Last line entry 2:45 p.m., limit of 3 signatures per pass through line for GOH. With Chris Berman, Danny Birt, Keith DeCandido, Andrew Fox, Pamela K. Kinney, James Mascia, Peter Prellwitz, Marina Sergeyeva, Steve White, and Leona Wisoker.

As Sapphire Phelan (must be 18 and older to attend these):
Friday, Jan. 13th-Midnight to 1am: Zombies in Love: Is There a Way to Write a Sexy Story about Our Friend the Zombie? (Richardson Board Room)

Can the deadest of the undead be hot or not? Do you need a brain to be sexy? And does that brain have to be fresh? Join panelists Kathryn Lively, and Sapphire Phelan as they explore how writers can combine zombies with romance and erotica.
Adult Programming: Author Reading (Richardson Board Room)

Saturday, Jan. 14th-Midnight to 1am: Spend an erotic hour with authors Helen E.H. Madden, Kathryn Lively, Michael O’Brien, and Sapphire Phelan as they read from their latest work. Adult Programming: Under 18-year-olds not allowed.

On the rest of the panels the weekend: Programs .

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