Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review of The Stargazers

I got the chance to read this fantasy, that starts in an alternate world (not unlike the Witch World series by Andre Norton) and ends up in present day town on Earth. The heroine is a child born into a magic-wielding family of witches who is told she is part of a prophesy where she must go to Earth, let a human man make love to her and get her with child, then come back to sacrifice the child to bring magic back to her world. Something she increasingly does not want to do as she becomes more and more into our world. Though the author says it started as YA until some of its subjects wouldn't suit a Young Adult novel, so instead more an adult fantasy (though to tell her, I have read many modern Young Adults with adult themes and cussing and so forth, I never read in mine as a teenager).

Due to some problems with the storyline I only give it 3 1/2

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