Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review of Reich by Donald Allen Kirch

"Once he stretched out his hand and Europe trembled." Adolf Hitler, the “Supreme Warlord” of Germany’s Third Reich ruled Europe with an iron fist. With his political promises to a desperate people he spoke of a reign that would last a thousand years. Under his command humanity had entered a new dark age. Tales were told of horrors taking place in the East—of railroad cars, of ovens, and death. Still, there was one little secret he had kept to himself.

Reich is a novella set during World War II. In this story, Hitler always thought of as a monster for the real things he did back then, the author has brought the horror storyline into the history one. A failed attempt by some Germans at ridding themselves of the Fuehrer, a u-boat is ordered to take Adolf Hitler to Norway, where he plans for a thousand-year world domination to begin. But the captain of the submarine discovers there is more of the fantastical monster to Germany's leader--one that will force him and his first officer to join unlikely allies in a war with something that can not possibly be!

I enjoyed this vampire tale. Here, the vampire is not the elegant count in Dracula, or the glittering bloodsuckers of Twilight. Instead this vampire is more aligned with the inhuman creatures of "30 Days of Night."

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