Friday, September 14, 2012

Supernatural Friday: A Friendly Warning

The poem below is copyrighted to me, as the poem is my own original one, so please enjoy the poem and share the link to this blog so others may enjoy, but not take the poem itself off and put on your blog, forum, or wherever else. Thank you.

“A Friendly Warning”

By Pamela K. Kinney

Cool breeze of autumn
Darkness coming earlier,
October is just around the corner
With Halloween not far behind.
With this time come things,
Things unmentionable;
Scary and haunting too.
White and gray wisps,
Fluttering in the night
Leering grins from darkened areas
Hear that howl?
Is it the neighbor’s dog,
Or something else?
Down right frightening.
Phantoms, werewolves, ghouls,
Many other kinds of fiends. . .
Or welcome these harbingers of fall,
After all, what’s a little fear among friends?

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