Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Weird Wednesday: What is Weird To You?

Today, I am going to ask what you think weird is? What do you think is weird, and have you ever seen something weird? Tell me the strangest thing you ever saw or the most peculiar event you attended.



Just Another Face said...

I went to a funeral, it was a member of my husband's side, like twenty times removed or something rather. Any how, we were all crammed into this little church and the wife was like 50 years if not more younger than said husband who passed. She was like 13 when they got married and he was old then, mind you. This funeral was last year. They had like 13 kids or something and almost every single one of them got up and said, "I'm glad the Bastard is gone! "The youngest gets up and says, "I'm sad he died, I was his favorite and I miss him." We're all kinda in shock and the next thing we know, they're throwing a party because the guy is dead and they all hope he's in hell where he belongs. They donated his remains to Science and you were able to sign up to do the same right then and there. They passed out little cards. Strangest funeral ever!

Janice Seagraves said...

If I posted every weird thing I saw or heard, I would fill up the comment section, LOL.

I guess the last weird thing I saw was right on my welcome mat on my porch. It was kind of gross too.

My daughter's dog drug up something that looked kind of like a small fur rug. On closer inspection I spotted a dried up paw and a tail. That's when I realized it was the dried up carcass of a cat.