Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Call Out for Our Cat's Bone Surgery

Normally, never post anything about me personally. Giess because I believe in never airing dirty laundry or vent, as my blog readers don't seserve that. But this is for my sweet, formerly feral, but now a  furever kitten in my life, Shade.

If anyone can, help my 7-month old kitten, Shade. A friend has been trying to get all the ferals in her neighborhood fixed or spayed and the kitten home. Shade was one of these. She is a sweetheart and our baby. We paid for her spaying and shots and she is a healthy kitten. Problem, when she leaped out my husband’s arm a week ago, “a one in a millon” happenings, she broke her front right leg (maybe landed on this paw differently then the others is all the vet could thing). Shade is under a year old, and the bone is broken in 2 places through a "growth plate." Without surgery, the bone could twist, or stop growing (leaving Shade with a short leg and a limp now and arthritis later in life), or any of a number of other things (possible amputation if the leg gets too bad). So a "simple cast" may be a cheap solution, but not necessarily the best solution.
We are not rich and it struck me home when I tried our local SPCA’s Compassionate Care, as what my husband makes is what one person can make to be allowed to do their clinic. They unfortunately can not do orthopedic surgery and recommended another place that only can do an amputation. We got a surgeon does this, but it costs. Friends suggested Crowdfunding and pushed us to do this. My husband and I are both proud people and won’t do this for us medically, but she is a young animal that will have her furever home with us until she passes, so if can please help her, even if it is by sharing the link to the page. Thank you.

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