Friday, April 11, 2014

Supernatural Friday: What If?

With my young cat maybe needing surgery and can not think of a post for my blog today since I do need towork on my latest nonfiction ghost book I am working on, I am leaving a scenario and hoping you readers will leave your answer in the comments for me and others to read.

What would we humans do if suddenly another species that have been living among us suddenly decided it was time for them to inherit the Earth?

This species may be shapeshifters, vampires, demons (maybe what our ancestors called them), even aliens. Whatever they may be, what would we do? Our militaries would be called out, of course, but maybe these beings would destroy most of the soldiers, sailors, pilots, and Marines. Then they would come after the humans. City by city, humans might be massacred and buildings end up empty and silent, except for the monsters. Armageddon would be the cry on our lips. What do you think those few surviving members of humanity do against these beings of paranormal strengths? Tell me how this story might end by leaving a comment. Please share this among friends so they too may leave their answer.


Denise Z said...

I do think we would need to make peace with the rampaging sheep and promises would have to be made on both sides - no more mutton stew and the wool sharing would not longer be taken for granted. :)

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Love it! :-)