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Supernatural Friday: Canadian author tackles thorny issue of UFOs & Alien Abduction

Please welcome my author guest, Martha Jette, as she blogs about tackling thorny issues of UFOs and alien abduction.

Who in their right mind would attempt to tackle the much-maligned issue of UFOs and aliens? The answer to that is that I had already written on just about every aspect of the paranormal, except that one because I knew that I would be viewed as somewhat of a flake. As well, as former magazine and newspaper editor, I just could not see myself entering into this murky field of study.

However, after researching this topic for several years, I realized that countless people including former military personnel, former NASA employees, airline pilots, former U.S. president and senators, various world leaders and even some renowned scientists had begun to come forward to tell what they knew about UFOs and aliens. There were also UFO sightings that occurred on almost a daily basis around the world. Were these people all crazy?

With many world governments releasing their secret files, and admitting that UFOs and aliens did indeed exist, it also became clear that the U.S. government had exerted strong-arm policies to deny this phenomenon at every turn. As long as this government refuses to give the public full disclosure, abductees will continue to be maligned and will not received the long overdue help that they deserve. This in itself compelled me to tell their stories in hopes of educating those who still believe that this phenomenon does not exist.

The evidence seemed overwhelming that UFOs and aliens were a part of our reality and have been at various intervals in human history evidenced by not only religious beliefs but also countless artifacts uncovered by archaeologists. Even so, I remained somewhat skeptical.

However, when I learned of a former Finnish doctor and military man whose life had been turned upside down due to the alien presence in his life, it peaked my interest. His story is a heartbreaking tale of alien intervention and abduction that pushed him to the edge of his sanity. Being a doctor, Usko Ahonhen was a rational man whose world revolved heavily around science and facts. When the aliens first entered his life and subjected him to mental, emotional and physical abuse, he could not rationalize these experiences in any way that made sense to him.

I then put the word out on the Internet that I was interested in hearing from other people who were affected by the alien presence and my inbox was flooded with emails from many other abductees, who either wanted or needed to share their experiences. As well, a select few were reluctant to have their stories made public out of fear that family members, friends, co-workers and others would subject them to ridicule.

And that is one of the issues that particularly bothered me. Not only were abductees already victimized by aliens but also by the public at large – a double whammy that no person would wish to suffer. However, the majority of people I interviewed were brave enough to risk the adverse reactions in favor of educating others about the stark reality of UFOs and aliens.

One thing that struck me while conducting my research was that the abductees I got to know were ordinary people living ordinary lives despite what was happening to them. These folks had wives/husbands, children and full-time jobs. Had I not known about the alien influence in their lives, I would have assumed they were perfectly normal and the fact of the matter is that in every other aspect of their lives, they truly are sensible and sane individuals.

I also learned that abductees displayed similar physical symptoms including everything from small scooped out areas, cuts, bruises and/or needle marks on the skin that fluoresce under UV light, nosebleeds, rashes, burns, and nasal, ear or eye pain, to sudden onset of medical problems, painful genitals in men and loss of a fetus in women to mention only a few. They also displayed similar irrational fears including the need to check and recheck that all doors and windows are locked at night, insomnia and fear of doctors’ examinations, fear of being watched and much more.

Another thing I learned is that in some cases, abductees undergo regression therapy in hopes of further understanding what happened to them. While some people were too afraid to learn the details of their abductions, the majority of those who did, as well as those who maintained total recall of their abductions subsequently suffered post-traumatic stress disorder.

One of the most astounding aspects uncovered is that in virtually every case, abductees also experienced a wide variety of paranormal events, which included everything from seeing ghosts and/or poltergeist activity to predictive dreams, speaking in tongues or other strange languages, psychic abilities, healing abilities or communing with nature.

Terror In The Night I: Alien Abduction Exposed! provides a long list of symptoms, including those exhibited by children because most people were first abducted when they were very young. The book also includes information on various alien species as reported by abductees and what each of them seems to want from us.

Along with the stories of 19 abductees, there are lots of photos of UFOs that they have taken over the years, many of which are truly astounding. Details are also provided on the mental and emotional impact of alien abduction as well as information on the various support systems available to help victims cope with their experiences.

Terror In The Night 1: Alien Abduction Exposed is currently available as an ebook on However it should be noted that a more comprehensive version with larger photos and additional information will be available within the next couple of weeks as both an ebook and physical copy. Those wishing the updated version should look for the new cover through Create Space and its affiliates.

There are also plans in the works for a sequel entitled Terror in the Night II: End Game, which will go much deeper into government cover-ups, secret document, the alien agenda, conspiracies theories and more. Much of the groundwork has already been done and it is hoped that book two will be available in 2015.

Since writing Terror In The Night I, I also wrote two others about specific abductees and what they experienced. They are Phenomenal Paul: An Incredible True Tale of Insect-like Creatures & UFO Sightings and The Borg Files – A Case of UFOs & Alien Abduction

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Paul McDermott said...

;) posting this just in case I get abducted ... ;)

Nice timing! Next weekend I'm off to an annual Summer camp for ADULT Scout Leaders [Denmark]. I'm in my early 60s, been there, done that, and I'll probably be one of the YOUNGER campers.
Last time we were together we went on a night ramble, as one of our number wanted to pass on his knowledge of the constellation of stars.
We ALL saw the same thing: a fleet of perhaps 12-15 lights performing what I can only describe as aerial manoeuvres, the sort of thing RAF squadrons practice in peacetime and use to great effect when they are called upon to fight.
This continued for about half an hour as they literally chased each other all over the sky. They then assembled in an orderly 'diamond' formation and disappeared - literally, from one second to the next!
I'll let you know if we see them again this year! :)

JoAnne Myers said...

Thank you for the great article. I do believe in extraterresials. (did I spell that right?)

Good luck with sales.

Paul McDermott said...

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