Thursday, October 15, 2015

Supernatural Friday: Release of Nightmares and Echoes 2: The Return

Today is the official release of Nightmares and Echoes 2: The Return.  Last year of October 2014, Nightmares and Echoes had releases, containing my Halloween horror reprint story, “Give Me Something Good to Eat.”  This new anthology has a new tale of mine, set on Halloween, “Silence.”

What is it about Halloween that is perfect for those ghostly legends, or monsters coming out of the woodwork, or even evil people with hatchets out for innocents’ blood? Horror happens year round—right? And yet, Halloween adds a bit of scary spice to a horror story the others months don’t. Why else do we read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow then at this time of the year? Why else would Ray Bradbury’s works be but during October?

So come and buy Nightmares and Echoes 2: The Return. Find it on Kindle and in print at Amazon and AmazonUK. But let me warn those faint of heart….you just might want to read in a well-lit room and make sure all doors and windows are locked, for maybe , just maybe, the monsters, witches and ghosts within the words on these pages might came and…GET YOU!


Blurbs for each short story in the anthology (except only gotten 12—6 missing):

Pamela K. Kinney: “Silence.” Silence is not golden on Halloween.

Josh Hilden:  “Best Friends.”  What wouldn’t you do for your best friend?   

Susan Schwartz: “I Thought You Did.”  A Halloween college initiation where they were just having a little fun.

Dawn Authier: “Retirement.”  A story of one man, his dog, and trying to keep busy after retiring.

Dawn Authier: “Bitter Pill.”  Ever have one of those days working in customer service with one particularly difficult customer?

Kenneth Curtis Brown: “False Awakenings.” Sometimes dreams do come true.

Kenneth Curtis Brown: “Dead End Drive Thru.”  The craziest things happen on nightshift.

Michelle Henry: “Stalker.” He’s coming for me, it’s only a matter of time.

Benjamin Mason: “Bright Night.” Don’t go in the woods.

Shawn Merrow: “The Breach.” The hunter in the forest.

Shannon Hollinger: “Amusement.” Two boys sneak out in search of a night of fun. Want to play?

Al Halsey: “Goddess.” The bond between brother and sister lingers evilly long after death.

Book blurb:

In Volume Two of Nightmares and Echoes we give you eighteen new short stories of horror ranging from the gory to the unsettling. Like last year’s offering, this collection spans the gamut of terror contributed from a variety of writers for the sole purpose of giving something back. Fifty percent of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to CAMP HOPE and ST JUDE’S. 

Not only will you be sampling some awesome horror, but you'll be helping out two great causes.

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