Friday, June 03, 2016

Supernatural Friday: Do Ghosts Haunt Air Conditioned Houses More in Summer?

The past couple of days, humidity has hit Virginia. What has me thinking, do spirits or monsters feel the humidity like we humans do?

I mean, spirits were once living beings who passed away from our plain of existence. Supposedly, you no longer need to eat, drink, or have any other mortal body functions. Do they still feel, even if it's a sort of memory? I always asked that question during a paranormal investigation when we the investigators are either sweating due to extreme heat or freezing from the winter chill. I haven't gotten an answer to that question yet.

What about Bigfoot or a lake monster, or even the Mothman? Because he's called the Jersey Devil, does that means if New Jersey's weather is in the 100s, he's fine, because we equate devil with Hell? And Hell means hot--right? Maybe he is waiting for Hell to freeze over.

I know that the Sasquatch has to feel the heat, with all that fur/hair covering its body. As for the lake or sea serpent, it can duck beneath the surface to keep cool--unless the water levels start dropping. So the next time you decide to over-water your lawn this summer, think about that poor lake monster who might die due to water levels lowering in its environment.

I'm not even going to talk about aliens or UFOs, even though I think the Mothman is an alien more than anything paranormal. Like any tourist to somewhere else, they'll just have to do their research on what sort of clothing they should pack in their suitcases!

Next time, you relax in your AC or stay indoors in your heated house during the winter, think about all those phantoms, monsters and extinct beasties that have to suffer the weather too.

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