Friday, June 29, 2018

Supernatural Friday: The Full Moon's Effect on the Supernatural

Just in time for the June full moon--the Strawberry Moon. About the Strawberry Moon: the name comes from Algonquin tribes of Native Americans. This full moon was their sign to harvest wild strawberries, so says the Old Farmer's Almanac. It is also known as the Hot Moon.

When I led a team to Petersburg, Virginia in July 2014 during a full supermoonwe had quite a bit of paranormal activity, including my camera in its case taken from my locked car for ten minutes, until I asked the spirits to return it if we leave those at the ruins of the Peter Jones Trading Post alone, and just investigate the Bistro at Market and Grove restaurant. The camera reappeared at my feet on the parking lot ground between my car and an investigator’s vehicle, when it hadn’t been there a minute ago. Freaky? Yeah, in a way, though I was more relieved to get my camera back, in one piece and working, to even get me a dancing shadow later that night in the restaurant. The next day, someone said that full moons can affect the paranormal.

Can it? I researched and found since ancient times, people believed this, along with activity being more noticeable during phases of the full moon. There were those who use these times to speak to the spirit realm. Could this be put down to Luna Madness, or could this really be happening? Some paranormal investigators say they have more ghostly activity around the full moon, while others say they get nothing.  

The moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides, but can it affect a person? If we look at what is known about the human body and how it is made up of 75-80% of water there is a strong chance that when the moon is full and at its strongest, it could, in theory, affect a person in terms of what they are thinking. 

Using one article’s theory that I found, it is possible that full moons could cause a person who is inclined to thoughts of the paranormal to believe they are experiencing something paranormal or quite possibly it could cause that individuals mind to trick itself into hallucinating and seeing what they believe to be an apparition. Personally, a person can hallucinate anytime, so I don’t think a full moon makes any difference. And I think there are those actually seeing a ghost, even photographs of them. I think it’s all about how much of the psychic is inside each person. That is why those who are parapsychologists do studies on the psychic and not just on spirits. Places like the Rhine Center and others at certain universities. One interested can take online courses to get an introduction to parapsychology. Like at the Rhine Center: Education.    

Whatever the truth behind the full moon and the paranormal, whatever you believe, there is still inconclusive proof to be sure. But it is still interesting to think about, maybe even try as an experiment. 

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