Sunday, December 30, 2007


Wanted to see so I won't forget, but happy new year. Soon--in two days--it will be 2008. May all my fellow writers have a propsperous one in writing, to fellow actors, may you get the parts you auditioned for, to my fans may you have whatever you wish for, and for all, may your 2008 be the best yet.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Come Listen to My Interview 12/23 with Dead Air Paranormal Talk Radio

I'll be doing an radio interview Sunday, December 23rd with Dead Air Paranormal Talk Radio,at 8:30PM to 9-10PM Eastern. You can call in toask questions to me at 1-888.792.4836 (888-7-WBGU FM) Toll Free. Their show is 8Pm to 10PM Eastern every Sunday night. Listen in to any of the below webcast to them--must have DSL or Cableand Quicktime installed.

WBGU-FM 88.1WFAL-AM 1610 (Low Power, BGSU Campus Only) Time Warner Cable CH. 21 in BG, and 13 in PembervilleWeb Cast at the Following Web Locations:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Horror Story in Anthology, Mining the Muse

I have a horror flash fiction piece, "Prey", in an anthology for sale now on This is from one of my writer's groups, and is called Mining the Muse, the Collective Works of Chesterfield Writers Club Anthology 2007. You can find it at It is only $6.37, though that doesn't count shipping and handling. The donwload is free, but the print copy does cost.