Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Romantic Times 2008 Convention Blog

Finally able to blog about Romantic Times 2008 Convention. Funny thing, tomorrow we leave to stay at the hotel for Ravencon 2008 that I work as staff for.
It all started last Tuesday, April 15th, as my husband drove me to meet one of my roommates, author Mechele Armstrong. We left Richmond about 9PM, hoping that we missed the mess that always happens on the Capitol Beltway with people heading to work in Washington D.C. It was actually smooth sailing all the way to Pittsburgh. We got there about 3PM, checked into our room and I met my other roomie, Melissa, who writes with Mechele under another pseudonym for Ellora's Cave, plus another pseudonym with another author. Later I took the RT Virgin panel and afterwards met some members of the Femailers II yahoo group I'm with, along with my roommates and we took the hotel shuttle to Spaghetti Warehouse. The food was great, the company super and when I called my husband, all the women yelled, "Hello Bill!".
The next day RT started. I got my membership and bag at 8AM, did some panels, and got my booksellers prize to the right person. Later that afternoon was the Book Expo that I did signed as Sapphire Phelan. I even did the science fiction romance party, then went to my room to dress in my 1940s costume and went to the Ellora's Cave Hollywood party. Chocolate and party food, a dance, wild goings on, and I even won one of three baskets given by EC. At one point, my gold high heel pumps were killing my toes so went upstairs to my room and changed to jeans, tennis shoes and T-shirt to keep dancing. I got to be by 12:30PM.
Second day was more panels, the Wild West Luncheon where I had my first free meal, another neat social given by Mary Janice Davidson and others where they signed bags we got, some that they went sill on and added some memorable stuff. and by nighttime, got ready for the Under the Sea Fairy Ball with my roommates. We were joined by couple friends of my roomies and sat together and had a great meal, though not too sure about the cake deserts we got.
Friday was another round of panels, plus a social gathering with chocolate, port, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, plus a free book by the author giving it that I got signed. Then went upstairs to room and prepare my vampire fangs. I got dressed in my Matrix pleather duster, a sleeveless glittery black top and pleather pants. I inserted fangs onto my canines, then put on some nifty half boots with gold panthers etched in heels and after my roommates got ready, we all went down to the ballroom with others. We got out table, I took out fangs (nope could not eat with them on), ate and watched Heather Graham, F. Paul Wilson, and others do a skit using fairy tale characters, classic monsters and Rocky Horror Picture Show characters. After was a dance, with a live band playing. I even won one of the trophies for Best Costume for my urban fantasy kick ass vampire. If you will be at Ravencon this weekend be prepared to see that vamp again or for the first time if you weren't at RT.
Saturday was mainly the Book Fair, where I sold quite a bit of Haunted Richmond and three copies of Coming Together: Under Fire anthology that as Sapphire Phelan I have a sensual fantasy romance story included. After we went to the military mixer, after that to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and back to get ready for Dorchester's Boots made for Strutting party. I wore my new, decorated boots which went over well by a lot of people as they got pictures taken of as I dance. I got more free books and we went to bed by 12:15PM as Melissa, Mechele and I had to get up by 6AM next morning as Melissa had a flight out of Pittsburgh by 9AM and Mechele and I hot the road by 9AM too.
Good thing too, as it rained for us all the way home, worse as we hit Virginia.

Two bit of good news--pitched to two editors, one from Dorchester, the other from Kensington about my urban fantasy and they both want to see it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ghost Hunting, Writing, RT and Ravencon

Well, my next two weeks will be busy. Finishing and editing last part of an urban fantasy novel that I will be pitching to two editors (one from Berkeley and the other from Dorchester) at Romantic Times Convention next week. I hope it goes over with them. I know one of my characters is a favorite with my writer groups. Then on Saturday (unless it rains, which the news has been threatening about) I'll be ghost hunting, or investigating with some investigators at Cold Harbor Civil War Battlefied here. I've done it a few weeks ago with one of the investigators, Laura and a friend, Susan at Evergreen Cemetery. Got some cool pictures--one you can see some ecto, maybe a figure. Monday I'll join Laura and the other investigator, along with a paranormal radio station coming to town and do Wrexham Hall. First, Wrexham is beautiful, a house from 1700s that became two houses later on. And the ghost, Susannah, is active.
So, like I said busy.
Then on Tuesday the 15th I leave for Romantic Times. Not with my husband--he stays home--but with one of my roommates at the Hilton and a fellow member of Virginia Romance Writers. Been excited about this. Working on costumes, lately my boots for the Boots is Made for Walking Dorchester party. Working to finish this novel. Packing.
Then once back from RT on 20th I'll only have about four days until my husband and I leave for the Crown Plaza West hotel Thursday the 24th. That night will be Unhappy Hour at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum (they're one of our guests for the con). Then on Friday, three days of craziness, fun and a good time. Working too, as a member of the staff.
So, like I said, busy as a bee.Will I go insane? I'm a writer, what else can you expect?
On RT, I will be signing copies of Haunted Richmond at the Saturday the 20th book fair. If want more information on the book fair, what price would be just for that, or even about the convention in general, the link is
Romantic Times 2008 I'll be signing as Sapphire Phelan at same book fair, Coming Together: Under Fire, an erotic collection of short stories and poetry by authors of Phaze Publishing. Proceeds of this anthology goes to the fire victims of the Southern California fires in 2007.

Anyway, got to get off and pound the computer keys on that book. Have a good day, everyone.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Check out My Interview on Shadow Talk Radio Tonight at 7PM Eastern

I'll be doing a paranormal radio show interview tonight, April 2nd on Shadow Talk Radio Wednesday. They have been voted as Best in America of top ten of haunted talk shows by Haunted America Tours
The link is and you should be able to access the show on there. It starts at 7PM Eastern.