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Supernatural Friday: Where Does Edgar Allan Poe Haunt?

“Even in the grave, all is not lost.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe has written horrific and otherworldly stories and poetry. Some are those coming back to haunt the main character. The question here is, has he been seen in specter form?

I’ve been to the old Stone House where the Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia is housed. It is haunted by children. As for him, maybe where some of his personal affects are. Near his childhood bed I gotten my EMF meter to go off once. Is it him? Or the others that haunt the buildings? No clear answer. I’d returned a second time  with the Richmond Paranormal Society, but got nothing concerning Poe. Another spot he has been seen in Richmond is what had been the home of his love and last fiance and there are claims his ghost has been seem in Shockoe Cemetery. 

There is a famous and unsolved mystery concerning Poe’s gravesite in the Old Western Burial Ground. The remains of people like Edgar Allan Poe, the son of Francis Scott Key, the grandfather of President James Buchanan, five former mayors of Baltimore and fifteen generals from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 are buried here.  Few years ago, my husband and I drove pass it to another destination at the time. We never stopped, or gone back to visit it—someday, I hope to. A story about Poe’s grave involves a man seen in the graveyard for more than fifty years. Dressed completely in black, including a black fedora and a black scarf to hide his face, he carries a walking stick and strolls into the cemetery every year on January 19, the birth date of Edgar Allan Poe. On every occasion, he has left behind a bottle of cognac and three red roses on the graveside of the late author. After placing these items with care, he then stands, tips his hat and walks away. The offerings always remain on the grave, although one year, they were accompanied by a note, bearing no signature, which read: "Edgar, I haven’t forgotten you."

Tales claim the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe haunts his graveside, but the man in black is alive, just no one knows for sure who he is. He has brought roses and cognac to the cemetery every January since 1949. This past January 2013, he hasn’t. I can only assume he has passed away and is now a ghost himself if anyone sees him.
Legend has it that the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe has been seen near his grave and in the catacombs of the church. At the catacombs, it is said there are cold spots, sounds of footsteps, disembodied whisperings and some visitors have felt the touch of unseen hands too. The author died mysteriously in Baltimore and thus came to be buried there Poe was found barely conscious and lying in a gutter on East Lombard Street in Baltimore. He was rushed to a hospital but he died a short time later.

Some said Poe's death was caused by alcohol, others say that he was in a psychotic state and even rabies has been blamed. Other writers believe that he may have been drugged and murdered as the clothes that he wore were not his own and the walking stick he carried belonged to another man. There have been literally dozens of theories posed as to what caused Poe’s death but no one will ever know for sure. Perhaps the fact that his death remains unexplained is the reason why Poe’s ghost remains in the Old Western Burial Ground.
Poe’s house in Baltimore now a museum is haunted. There are cold spots and people have felt something tapping them on the shoulder. Windows fly open and shut by unseen hands. Witnesses have reported seeing an overweight grey haired woman dressed in clothing of the 1800s. People have heard mysterious voices. An actress was getting dressed for a play based on Berenice, a horror story Poe wrote. A window suddenly fell and crashed to the floor. It had been secure and there were no wind gusts.

During the riots that followed Martin Luther King’s assassination, people saw lights in the house and called the police who also witnessed the lights that moved from floor to floor. They could not get into the house and did not want to break into it, so they surrounded the building and waited for the curator. No one had been in the house. 

His phantom has been seen at Fort Monroe.  Witnesses claim to have seen his ghost writing away at a desk; he penned some minor poetry collections while on base.
Another possible building for Poe to haunt would be at Hiram Haines Coffee and Ale House in Petersburg, Virginia that his friend owned in 1830s and invited Poe and Virginia Clemm to spend their honeymoon there. I investigated the second floor suite where they stayed, but did not get any EVPs or voices from the ghost box from him nor from his bride. Does he haunt there? I never heard any stories of his spirit there neither. Only a legend of Virginia seen at a window on January 39th. (Reopened and in my nonfiction ghost book, Paranormal Petersburg, and the Tri-Cities Area, it closed before my book was released and for sale.)
Other Spots Poe Is Claimed to Haunt

Washington College Hospital: this is the Baltimore hospital where he died in 1849, it's been said that Poe's ghost has been seen roaming its hallways.

Eutaw House: There are a myriad of eerie tales concerning the old Centre County, Pennsylvania, Inn. One is that Poe stopped by, fell in love with a local girl, and was spurned. A spook that physically resembles him has been spotted there, although the local lore seems to associate the apparition with a ghost family haunting its halls

Friday, June 17, 2016

Catch Me at Paracon at the Exchange in Gordonsvile, Virginia Tomorrow

I will be a vendor at Paracon at the Exchange Hotel Museum tomorrow, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The address is 400 S. Main Street, Gordonsville, Virginia 22942. The all-day event cost $10.00. I will be sharing my canopy with fellow author and Paranormal World Seekers paranormal investigator, Carol Smith. We will be selling and signing our books, along with Paranormal World Seekers DVDs.  For who will be there speaking and anything else: 

Supernatural Friday Interview of a Horror Writers Association Chapter President

Today for Supernatural Friday, I interviewed the president of my Horror Writers Association chapter. Enjoy learning about Dee South. 
    What was the first time you decided you wanted to be a horror writer? 

In middle school.  I was the kid who loved Hammer movies, Twilight Zone and Night Gallery.   I loved reading stories and had already had a letter to the President published in a local book for students.  I think it was called, Young Writers of Detroit.

         What scares you?
Flying in an airplane.  Yuck.  Other than that, the thought of being eaten alive by an animal freaks me out.  The animal doesn’t matter:  ants, piranhas, sharks.

3     Are you working on anything now and can you tell us what?
Yes.  I’m working on my debut novel about a rogue priest who’s a member of a special Vatican sponsored exorcism team.  They travel the country investigating evil.

        What was the first horror novel or short story you read that turned you to the genre?

 My first horror novel that I remember is Phantoms by Dean Koontz.  But there  were short stories that stood out in my childhood like Rawhead Rex (if I  remember correctly) by Clive Barker.

        Name 5 good horror/thriller books that you feel others should read.  

Most are from my childhood.  Jaws by Benchley, Battlefield Earth by Hubbard (more scifi than horror), It by King, Any 47th Precinct book by McBain and Infernal Angel by Lee (extreme horror).  My current favorite is the Dresden Files by Butcher, but that falls into contemporary fantasy. 

        Is there anything else you like to write? 

Mysteries, Science Fiction and Fantasy.  I really love cross-genre books and movies.  Give me a good mystery inside of a science fiction story and I’m in love.  Give me a horror story in a fantasy, same result.

       Tell us why you joined Horror Writers Association? And why did you take on leading the Virginia chapter of the organization?

 I joined horror writers because I needed to find folks with my twisted mindset.  I got tired of attending critique groups where people flinch and grimace when it was time to critique my story.  Most critiques started with the phrase, “I don’t generally read this type of story…” I took the lead on the Virginia Chapter in order to meet other horror writers in my state.  Once I found out about the chapter program and realized that we didn’t have a chapter, my goal became to find ‘my people’ and bring us together.

      What benefits do you feel the organization gives to writers? 

 So, so much.  I’ve only been a member of the HWA for 2 years and already I’ve  met so many horror writers.  In addition, I’ve met writers on the national level  such as John Palisano, Brian Keene and Edward Lee.  The HWA has a wonderful  mentorship program led by Michael Knost.   I’ve had the benefit of having John  Palisano, the author or Ghost Heart and Dust of the Dead, mentor me for an  entire year.  Our chapter have vended local conventions like RavenCon,  MarsCon, and Scares That Care.  Events like Monster Fest. Also, members can  avail themselves of the HWA website and find various markets, editors and  publishers.

       Tell us your hobbies.

 My hobbies:  Reading, writing, and I’ve just picked up knitting.  I love to play  volleyball and softball, but my body is starting to rebel at those activities.

10.               Are you a big Halloween fan? What is a favorite Halloween memory?

           I’m a huge Halloween fan.  My biggest memory is that when I was younger, we had a family challenge to make our own Halloween costume with items in the house.  I chose to be a tree.  I cut up some paper and drew green veins and safety pinned the leaves to my clothes.  I was raised in Detroit, so Halloween could get pretty frigid for us some years.

     What are five of the scariest horror movies you seen?
          My five scariest horror movies:  Exorcist, Amityville Horror, Aliens 1 & 2, Jaws and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  In fact, I won’t watch any of the demonic movies by myself.  I even hate hearing the creepy theme song of the Exorcist and Amityville.

   Tell us the links for your website and any social media you do?
           Social media. FaceBook.  My own blog is called “Journey of An Aspiring Writer”.    I also  run the Virginia Chapter Blog “HWA Virginia Chapter”.  I guess I should update  those soon.  J

1    Give the writers and horror writers out there the one piece of advice you can. It can be in two parts, one for writers/writers to be, and the second one for readers of the genre.

 One piece of advice I’d give horror writers out there is to join the   Horror          Writers Association.  The wealth of knowledge is astonishing.  For readers, I’d  highly recommend providing feedback to your favorite author by submitting  your review via Goodreads or Amazon

1    Where can anyone find you next—what book festival or convention?

 The HWA Virginia Chapter will vend the Scares That Care Horror Convention  in Williamsburg, Virginia, from July 22-24, 2016. 

 One of my favorite pictures:  Me and the legend of extreme horror, Edward Lee.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Supernatural Friday: Summer Solstice is Spooky Sometimes

Haunting Summer Solstice Battle
Pamela K. Kinney

Only 19% visible;
the solstice moon
looks down
on the battlefield.
except for crickets
in the humid night.
From both sides
comes pale, wisps of
shades on horseback
and many on foot.
Noise of battle erupting.
Out of sync,
no reality
Blue against gray,
Union against Confederate,
cannon fire and guns blasting.
Their ectoplasmic war began late,
All due to the
longest day
of the year
the cock crows
and phantoms
vanish with the sun.
Until the next night…

Now for some facts on the upcoming Summer Solstice:

Solstice comes from the Latin words sol, meaning 'Sun' and sistere, meaning 'to come to a stop or stand still'. Astronomers and scientists use the date of the June Solstice to mark the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. For meteorologists on the other hand, summer began almost three weeks ago, on June 1. Even though most people consider June 21 as the date of the June Solstice, it can happen anytime between June 20 and June 22. June 22 Solstices are rare - the last June 22 Solstice in UTC time took place in 1975 and there won't be another one until 2203. This is when the Sun is directly overhead the Tropic of Cancer. In many Northern Hemisphere cultures, the day is traditionally considered to be the mid-point of the summer season. Many European countries hold midsummer celebrations. And though summer in the Northern Hemisphere, many believe that the earth is closest to the sun during the June Solstice. Actually, the earth is farthest from the sun at this time of the year. Our planet will be on its Aphelion a few weeks after the June Solstice.

The Northern Hemisphere has the longest day of the year in terms of daylight; the June Solstice is also called the Summer Solstice. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the shortest day of the year and is known as the Winter Solstice.  Solstices happen twice a year - in June and December. The December one takes place around December 21. On this day, the Sun is precisely over the Tropic of Capricorn.

 The sun reaches its northern-most position, as seen from the Earth. At that moment, its zenith does not move north or south as during most other days of the year, but stands still at the Tropic of Cancer. It then reverses its direction, moving south again. The opposite happens during the December Solstice. The sun reaches its southern-most position in the sky - the Tropic of Capricorn - stands still and then reverses its direction towards the north.

June Solstice happens at the same time all over the world, at the exact instant of time when the Sun is directly overhead the Tropic of Cancer. In 2016, this will happen on June 20 at 22:35 UTC.Time zones differences will cause this event to take place on June 21 at locations that are more than one and a half hours ahead of UTC. That includes all of Europe, Russia and Asia.

The earliest sunrise doesn’t happen on this day either. The earliest sunrise happens a few days before and the latest sunset takes place a few days after the June Solstice.  In the Southern Hemisphere, where this day marks the Winter Solstice, the earliest sunset happens a few days before the solstice, and the latest sunrise occurs a few days after it. It is not even the hottest day of the year, the hottest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere happens a few weeks or sometimes months after the Solstice.

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My New Release-Release June 7, 2016-For Charity

‪#‎AmWriting‬ Tomorrow. this new book that I wrote a letter for will be released. Proceeds go to the Wayne Foundation (The Wayne Foundation’s vision is for a world without child slavery. We are dedicated to providing direct assistance to those victimized by exploitation.) Pure Textuality PR is behind this publication: So, if you are a writer, get this and not only are there inspiration for you the beginning writer (even the pro writer) from sixty authors, but you are helping a great charity! Right niw, just an eBook version, bu a print copy is coming.

Knowing what you know now of writing, publishing, and putting your art out into the world, if you could go back to the day you sat down to start typing in your very first manuscript, what words would you offer to yourself? Words of encouragement? Words of advice? Caution against certain pitfalls? Would you change anything about how you got to where you are today?
The publishing community is so much bigger than it was before the self-publishing boom and it continues to grow exponentially every day. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a handbook or support group. The book is to provide words of encouragement or advice to those just starting out or those who have become discouraged in their art. At Pure Textuality PR, we believe in supporting each other as a community, and we felt this project would be a good way to bring writers together and maybe give some new artists just the right nudge to keep going.
100% of the net proceeds of #AmWriting will be donated to The Wayne Foundation, a charity dedicated to offering aid and services to young women victimized by illegal sexual exploitation and the sexual trafficking of minors.

#AmWriting A Collection of Letters to Benefit The Wayne Foundation
Publisher Pure Textuality PR
Cover Art Pure Textuality PR
Publication Date June 7, 2016
Goodreads -->
Amazon -->
Kobo -->
Nook --> *Coming Soon*
iBooks --> *Coming Soon*

A.D. Ellis
Amy Joy Lutchen
Andrew Jericho
Ashlynne Laynne
Becky Flade
Beth Dolgner
Brandy Dorsch
Brenda J. Pierson
C.L. Foster
Cassia Brightmore
Cecilia London
Cherron Riser
Cithara Patra
Courtney Houston
Crystal Dawn
E.J. Stevens
Elizabeth Sharp
Ella Col
Emily Cyr
Emma Nichols
Erin Hayes
Erynn Crittenden
Felicia Starr
Gabbie S. Duran
Geri Glenn
Harlie Williams
J. Nichole Parkins
J.B. McGee
J.M. Gregoire
Jamie Summer
Jeaniene Frost
Jess Haines
Jessica Cage
Jody Pardo
K.c. Stewart
Karina Espinosa
Kasey Belle
Katie Kenyhercz
Kendall Grey
Kory M. Shrum
L A Cotton
Leyla Kader Dahm
Louisa Lo
M. Never
M.L. Steinbrunn
Mary Crawford
Michelle Mcloughney
Mike Gonzales
Misha Carver
Misha Elliott
Muriel Garcia
Nicole Zoltack
Pamela K. Kinney
R.A Mizer
Rachel Walter
Rebecca Sherwin
Renee Dyer
Sara Dobie Bauer
Serena Kearney
Shakuita Johnson
Shannon Bell
T.J. Michaels
T.L. Manning
Tracie Podger
Xandra James

Board of Directors | Financials | Podcasts
Board of Directors
Mission Statement
The Wayne Foundation is committed to spreading awareness of CSEC (Commercial Sex Exploitation of Children) DMST (Domestic Minor Sexual Trafficking) occurring within the United States.
Vision Statement
The Wayne Foundation’s vision is for a world without child slavery. We are dedicated to providing direct assistance to those victimized by exploitation.
Drop in Center
The Wayne Foundation operates the third drop in center in Florida recognized by the Department of Children and Family Services. It is located in Charlotte County Florida, and serves clients throughout Southwest Florida. Our target clientele are young women aged 13-25. Our DIC is equipped to provide daily services that include, but are not limited to: Food, New Clothing, Access to Shower, Media Center, Mental Health Assistance, SNAP/ Medicare Benefit sign-up/renewal, Family Counseling, Education Assistance, and Transportation To and From the Center.
Shelter Services
The Wayne Foundation continues to have the goal of providing shelter services to young women victimized by exploitation or trafficking. This is our primary long term objective.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Supernatural Friday: Do Ghosts Haunt Air Conditioned Houses More in Summer?

The past couple of days, humidity has hit Virginia. What has me thinking, do spirits or monsters feel the humidity like we humans do?

I mean, spirits were once living beings who passed away from our plain of existence. Supposedly, you no longer need to eat, drink, or have any other mortal body functions. Do they still feel, even if it's a sort of memory? I always asked that question during a paranormal investigation when we the investigators are either sweating due to extreme heat or freezing from the winter chill. I haven't gotten an answer to that question yet.

What about Bigfoot or a lake monster, or even the Mothman? Because he's called the Jersey Devil, does that means if New Jersey's weather is in the 100s, he's fine, because we equate devil with Hell? And Hell means hot--right? Maybe he is waiting for Hell to freeze over.

I know that the Sasquatch has to feel the heat, with all that fur/hair covering its body. As for the lake or sea serpent, it can duck beneath the surface to keep cool--unless the water levels start dropping. So the next time you decide to over-water your lawn this summer, think about that poor lake monster who might die due to water levels lowering in its environment.

I'm not even going to talk about aliens or UFOs, even though I think the Mothman is an alien more than anything paranormal. Like any tourist to somewhere else, they'll just have to do their research on what sort of clothing they should pack in their suitcases!

Next time, you relax in your AC or stay indoors in your heated house during the winter, think about all those phantoms, monsters and extinct beasties that have to suffer the weather too.