Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nothern Haunts Anthology May Soon Be Available!

I am excited! From Shroud Publishing's MySpace blog: Northern Haunts has taken so long because we had to edit and typeset over 300 pages of text. We are awaiting on proofs, once approved the trade paperback will be going out very soon. The hardcover version will be shipped out before Christmas.
If you haven't preordered this nifty horror anthology, you can do so at, in either trade paperback and hardcover. When upu purchase this book, all proceeds from the sale goes to the American Cancer Society. This book will make a great Christmas gift. I have my flash fiction horror tale, "Pukwudgies: Little Monsters of New England" included in it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being a Jedi and Photo of My Book at Barnes and Noble

Saturday, November 23rd, I joined my husband, Bill, and we joined others from Freedom Base of the Rebel Legion and Garrison Tyranus of the 501st and dressed in our Star Wars costumes for Toys R Us' Toys for Tots campaign kick-off. From Noon to 2PM we walked around the store and took pictures with those who wanted a picture with us, mostly children. There were even children who came in dressed in Star Wars costumes. I wished I had my camera with me for when one tiny tot dressed as Yoda was there. He was so cute! I think the actual Yoda would be much bigger than this minute version.
I am sharing one picture I did get taken when we all went back to the warehouse part of the store to get out of costume. I am with Darth Vader, crossing lightsabers.
The other photo is of my book, Haunted Richmond, on a shelf at Barnes and Noble at Chesterfield Towne Center, facing out when the others in the case weren't. I guess that means the book is selling well for them to do so. How cool is that? I also had another book, Shifting Desires, in the romance section, that my novella, Beast Magic is in, written under my pseudonym, Sapphire Phelan. I took a photograph of that, to be posted on my sapphire Phelan blog.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Being Interviewed on Deborah Collard's Radio Show NAPS Live Radio "Haunted Southern Nights" Tomorrow Night 11/25

I will have an interview with Deborah Collard's Radio Show NAPS Live Radio "Haunted Southern Nights" Tuesday, November 25th. The time is 9PM Eastern/8PM Central. The link is and the phone number to call in is 718-664-9681.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Manuscript for New Schiffer Book Is In the Mail!

I am so happy! The manuscript (with photo inserts), captions for the photos, the 45 photos, and more are on CDs and on their way to Schiffer Publishing. That means it will be out next fall. The working title is Unique Legends, Myths, and True Tales of Virginia. For now, that's all it is, until approval by Schiffer. But I can celebrate tonight with a glass of something strong as I watch my new Blu Ray DVD of Wall*E.
Then tomorrow, I go back to work on a couple of other projects.But the Schiffer manuscript for the new book is done and sent off.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Paranormal Experience at the Bunnyman Bridge in Clifton, Virginia

Today, my husband drove me to retake a few photos of places and statues in Richmond and then, up to Clifton, Virginia where the Bunnyman Bridge is. The statues and the White House of the Confederacy were taken in black and white before and I wanted them in color for Schiffer. The Bunnyman Bridge, because we had went to wrong Colchester Road back in October. This time we found the infamous Bunnyman Bridge on the right Colchester Road, which is off Fairfax Station Road
We drove right up to it. The railroad tracks rode over it, covered with weeds, and you can drive through it to the other side of the road. Bill parked right there in the road and lucky for us, no other vehicle was behind us. I got out and walked up to it to take some photos. What I didn't expect was the weird feeling that overwhelmed me, like someone was watching me, a crazy, itchy feeling that gave me chills. Even wilder, after I took several pictures I caught a weird blue light that began to form in one picture, moved in another, and in the third one became a bright blue orb just above the entrance. The rest of the photos I took before it had nothing in it, or the couple after. This was in the bright daylight at Noon. Not night time when most orbs are photographed, but in the daytime. The last picture will be in the book and I hope they will use it for the cover. So I won't be using it on today's blog so you can see it too, just the first two.
I ran back to the car, gave Bill my camera, and grabbed my electronic voice recorder , pacing back to do a minute of recording. I haven't uploaded that yet to see if anything was recorded. Funny thing, before I recorded on the evp, I asked if anyone was there, a sudden wind swept into the tunnel, scattering leaves like mad. I had the feeling I was not alone.
I headed back to the car as Bill couldn't be parked in the middle of the street forever. Sooner or later someone would come down that small road and besides, we had to get back to Richmond to get front brakes for the car as they kept grinding whenever the car stopped. Someday I will return to the bridge though, maybe with others to investigate further. It's not the Bunnyman--that's only a myth, but from other paranormal investigators who checked it out before, they had gotten voices on recorders and more, and my photos, there is more going on with the Bunnyman Bridge than an urban legend of an insane murderer in rabbit costumes.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Writer's Conferencde Tomorrow,Writing, and Cool News About My Son

Been a busy day for me, with separating signed books and other gifts and promo from countless authors for tomorrow's Super Charge Your Writing! Conference. The conference is being held at the Williamsburg Public Library which is located at 515 Scotland Street in Williamsburg, Virginia.
The speaker is multi-talented writer, publisher and speaker Debra Dixon Author of Goal, Motivation and Conflict: The Building Blocks of Good Fiction, a must have for any fiction writer, Ms. Dixon will present a roll-up-your-sleeves, dig-in-deep workshop including elements for plot and character development that will take your writing to a new level.

If any writer here is interested in coming to this, here is the prices at the door:

Registration Prices:

Chesapeake Romance Writers/Virginia Romance Writers member: $70.00

Romance Writers of America member: $80.00

Non-members: $85.00

The schedule for the day will be:

9:00 am – Registration/Check-In (In auditorium lobby)

All pre-registered attendees will receive a pre-printed name sticker, a notebook, and a program.

9:30 am – Opening remarks (Auditorium)

10:00 am – Deb Dixon GMC Workshop begins (Auditorium)

10:00 am – Editor/Agent appointments begin (You will be directed to the appropriate room upon arrival)

Noon – 90 minute break for lunch (All attendees are on their own for lunch. There are several restaurants with a wide variety of offerings within two miles of the facility)

1:30 pm – Workshop resumes

2:00 pm – Editor/Agent appointments resume

4:00 pm – Workshop ends/gift basket raffle drawing

Things you need to know:

There will be no breakfast or coffee served at the library. It is suggested to stop on the way in. There will be water available for all attendees throughout the day.

There will be a gift basket raffle held at the end of the day. I got some books signed by the authors and other nifty gifts in the mail and swill be bringing them in that morning. I will have a gift basket for giveaway too, with copy of Shifting Desires by my pseudonym, and two other Phaze Books authors, plus a signed copy of Haunted Richmond too. Tickets will be on sale throughout the event. Please have cash on hand if you wish to purchase raffle tickets. Drawing will be held directly after the close of the workshop.

Anyway, I am now winding down, checking my email, and when hubby gets home, pack all things in the car, so I can just get up in the morning early and take off. So no blog, other than this. I have been busy this week working on photo inserts and captions into the finished manuscript for the next Schiffer book as that has to be sent to them. And I wrote a 7540 word speculative fiction short story for Under the Moon, submitted it, and it was accepted for their next Evil Overlords issue.

One last piece of good news. My son, Chris, passed the National Guard test, now we're waiting for a waiver for his bad hearing in one ear. So, everyone pray this gets done and comes back quickly to the recruiter. My son will have a job, with training for something he has never done before-mechanics, and be stationed here in Chester, Virginia when he is done with boot and schooling.

Got to go now--bought a French Silk chocolate pie with whipped cream topping from Ukrops Supermarket to celebrate with him for passing it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted-Did You? Free Goodies for Voting Too!

Did you vote today? I did. I got up at 5:30AM, thinking I would get there about 6AM or shortly after.But when I saw the line stretching out to the street and all the cars parked everywhere, not just in the elementary school's parking lot, I went back home. It's raining here today and I could not find my umbrella anywhere, and didn't relish standing out in the rain, getting soaked.. Well, after I ate a breakfast of yogurt, I drove back after 7AM and the line outside was gone. I parked and walked inside. Within about maybe 15-20 minutes and wearing a 'I Voted' sticker, I had voted and was walking out the door.
I drove over to Starbuck's and
got my free small coffee for voting. Yes, you can get a free coffee from them, just for doing your civic duty! There's many other places across the nation giving away free stuff and discounts too. For you out there who still have that sticker, check out these links to see how you too can get these nifty things.
Now, get out there and VOTE!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Please Read: On Forrest J. Ackerman

I got this email from my author friend, Deborah Painter, who is friends with Forrest Ackerman. I met him twice in my life, once had lunch with him and friends at a convention in Northern Virginia. If you ever heard of him, he is big in world of SF/fantasy/horror and first editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. Here's his myspace: and about him:
Please pass this on to those you might think interested too. And send him a card. I plan to.

Hi, all,

Sorry for the mass posting. I wanted you to know our Uncle Forry is battling pneumonia and congestive heart failure. He is home now from the hospital and being cared for 24 hours a day. Send cards to 4511 Russell Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027 as soon as you can. Joe Moe says it will mean a lot, But please don't make calls because he is resting. Thank you.