Monday, February 04, 2019

Fae Thee Well Now for Sale on Amazon

The anthology, Fae Thee Well, which my story, "Last Chance," is included in, is now for sale on Amazon. Right now, just paperback, as it is also a charity anthology in support of the Heritage Humane Society in Williamsburg  (cats and dogs).

If you get this and at an event or such where I am at, I will gladly sign my story in it.

Friday, February 01, 2019

Mentioned in Women in Horror Month on Another Blog

February is...WOMEN in HORROR MONTH!
Check out some of the awesome FEMALE HORROR #indieauthors This includes me.
Plus books each author has written, so check out the great reads.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Supernatural Friday: Winter Haunt (Original Poem)

Enjoy my original ghostly poem and please share the link and not the poem, so that others can read it too. 

Winter Haunt


Pamela K. Kinney

Winter’s chill deepens when night hits
A sky full of brilliant stars and a hovering moon
Draws you outside to view nature’s glowing glories
Peace fills you at the sights,
when suddenly something nearby catches your eye,
nearby the old oak tree a few feet away.
Not an owl or some other nightly predator,
No, it has a--no it is a shadow,
darker than the darkness itself.
Then it changes, becomes like mist
Except you know the night is clear,
and there’s no mist or fog anywhere.
“What is this strange thing,” you think,
drawing closer and you reach out,
and you see it too, reaches out
A chill much worse than the winter night offers
envelopes you, digs beneath your skin.
Eyes, a nose, a face appears within the glow!
The cold burrows deeper within you
until it finds your heart,
The steady beat of a drum grows louder, harder,
And you understand it’s fear pounding your heart like a hammer.
The need to bolt, to return to the warmth and solace of your home
Fills you like a meme:
Run. Run! RUN! Or it will get you! Go now!
But your feet remained as if glued to the ground,
The ghost moves and covers you completely.
Blind terror fills you, and yet, still, you cannot move.
When suddenly, the haunt vanishes, and the stillness that
held you, is gone.
Later, inside your house, safe and sound, still shaking,
a blanket wrapped around you for warmth and comfort,
You know that winter nights have more than you bargained for;

That the supernatural haunt them, too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fae Thee Well Anthology Can Be Preordered Now

My dark fantasy story, "Last Chance," will premiere in the print faery anthology, Fae Thee Well, this weekend at Marscon (where I am a writer guest) by Dreampunk Press If you won't be there and like a copy, you can preorder it through the publisher at 

A compilation of fairy stories and poems from authors and poets who spread their wings 'round the globe to wind your imagination into magical tales rooted in both familiar and exotic. These stories explore the many facets of mythic creatures, from the ethereal and majestic to the urban and everyday.
Delve in and find your new favorite artist.
Edited by Tara Moeller.
This collection includes works from
Travis I. Sivart
Andrew Hiller
Pamela K. Kinney
C. H. Williams
Ella Rite
Luna Nyx Frost
P. A. O'Neil
Joseph R. Kennedy
Emberly Summers
Allison Norfolk
A. I. Mychalus
V. Szulc
Jeremy Rodden
Thomas B. deMayo
I. Mira
E. C. Hibbs

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

My Poem Nominated in 21st Annual Critters Readers' Poll

My poem, "Warrior Not Forgotten," was nominated for the poem page of 21st Annual Critters Readers' Poll. The poem is included in The Virginia Writers Club Richmond Chapter Golden Nib Contest 2018 anthology. Voting ends after the last day of January 14th. This goes directly to the Poem Voting Page: Please vote for it, and if you do, thank you.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

How the Vortex Changed My Life Got Another 5 Stars for a Review at Amazon!

Got another 5-star review on How the Vortex Changed My Life up at Amazon! 

Who doesn't love a really good eyeball with personality?

I'm a lover of the paranormal--including votexes and werewolves and … and … well everything that goes along with the heroine, Cat, in this adventure! I'm looking outside my window as I write to make sure one of these vortex things isn't opening up here. You'll love the characters. Great read!